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A monthly column bringing you frontline testimonies of what God is stirring up across the globe. By international revivalist from South Africa Lindy-Ann Hopley of Beautiful Witness Ministries.

What have a cutting tool and an anime necklace got to do with Jesus? Read on to join Lindy-Ann in her latest God adventures in France, Austria, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic and Romania

I have at this very moment two very interesting objects in my bag. One, a cutting tool which was used by a girl to cut herself. Two, a necklace which belonged to a young man with a picture of a anime girl on it — a symbol of a promise he had made to have a sex change and become a woman (More about the stories behind these items later in this column!!!)

God is on the move across the earth!

We are living in a global awakening!

I cannot wait to share the good news of His goodness with you! Another month of adventure with the most beautiful witness that ever lived — Jesus.

I am currently on the road from Prague to Romania with one of my spiritual daughters. We just came from a whole week with thousands of Christians at Awakening Prague worshipping Jesus — wow!

Love Lourdes
I have never in my life experienced such a place like this. Lourdes is a Catholic Mary shrine. Millions come here on pilgrimage for many different reasons. I was so excited to go and see what God would do if we said “yes” to seeing His Kingdom come in a place that is known for healings, but which is, however, not seeing many at all. What I had in mind for this outreach was not at all what happened. It was completely different to what I had imagined! I thought we would be many people praying in sick wards and so on.

But God had a different plan.

I had one South African girl who stays in France on my team and a French guy who is Catholic. All hungry to see revival among the people there. It was hard — on all levels. Much can be said, but better I stick to the highlights. I had an amazing opportunity to speak to the head doctor at Lourdes. All I will say — it was very disappointing. He did not ask me not to pray, so that was a good thing. Many people declined receiving prayer as they were there to meet Mary. We needed breakthrough. So we went up a mountain to an old castle and worshipped. Things shifted! And the testimonies started to roll in …

Watch a testimony from a hotel owner:

There are many beggars on the streets, mainly from Romania. We prayed for one of the men sitting on a street corner. He got healed and believed. Before we knew it we were invited to their “home” to pray for their whole group.

Off we went to a park nearby — where about 30 Romanian gypsies sleep on the grass. One by one they came up for prayer for healing, as they were too shy it seems, to be prayed for in front of people. God touched them all in one way or another and we got to lead every one of them to a reborn life with the King!

There was this one restaurant where we ended up eating every single day — why? Because there was always divine appointments there for some reason and the food was great too! Bonus. We would get words of knowledge for the people sitting next to us, legs were growing out right there, people would start crying and some gave their lives to Jesus and got Spirit-filled — all in this little French ladies restaurant!

God led us down a different street and we found 20 young people waiting outside the hotel for the rest of the group before going to the sanctuary.

The video does not do it justice, but in front of me was a whole group of people and many gave their lives to Jesus!

Watch the video below:

I explained the importance of baptism to my team member Luc. He had already felt from the Holy Spirit a tugging to be immersed fully. So off to a lake nearby we went and a glorious baptism took place. The Spirit came on him and he was immersed again, falling backward under the power of God. We then went swimming and led a canoeist to Jesus. What a way to end our time there! Glory to God.

I look forward to going again next year! Pray about joining us. End July.

The next day I met a friend of Luc’s, Lucy. At the age of 12 God told her to be baptised. Due to various reasons she had not. All her life she had been tormented by demons. Bad dreams and so on. She was desperate. The church she had visited seeking to be baptised told her that she would have to wait four years. “What about today?” — I asked. She burst into tears. “I have been asking God if He can make a way for me to be baptised sooner”. We baptised her in a pool. She was delivered right then and she saw heaven open, as she was filled with the Holy Spirit. She was completely transformed.

But it did not end there. Her bad dreams immediately stopped, she started preaching the gospel and praying for the sick everywhere she went and that Sunday (six days later) she brought a string of friends to the church service in Bergerac where I was preaching and we baptised four of them afterwards in the pool — including Luc’s wife. Hallelujah! God is not dead!

What are you waiting for? Follow Jesus and be baptised — “fully immersed”.

Bergerac, France
My Europe Tour still had some openings, but my manager is amazing — Jesus. He filled all those spaces. God loves faith. All the doors do not have to be open to go — just the one in front of you.

While in Lourdes I was contacted by a pastor asking if I would be able to come over to minister at their church the next week. And so it was. I had an amazing time. Jesus came and many were saved, healed and set free.

Two awesome testimonies of many…

Amsterdam, Holland
Another surprise trip was to Amsterdam.

Sonja, a South African, met me at a conference and blessed me with a scarf. She has followed me on Facebook ever since. When her pastor announced that they have been convicted by God to equip the saints in evangelism — she emailed them straight away. They prayed about having me come, and God gave them a yes. And so the story goes. It was amazing!!! The moment I arrived I fell in love with the city. They booked me Thursday to Sunday to speak and equip their church in evangelism. People who had never seen miracles — saw miracles. People who had prayed for the sick without success for many years saw healings from the start! One lady told me she had been evangelising since she was 12 years old and never saw anyone get saved. When we left for the city to do outreach — I started to sing Amazing Grace on the metro for all to hear, preached and released the group. Not even two minutes later she led her first person to Jesus. A great impartation took place among the people.

Glory to God!

But something else took place that marked me. The Red Light District. It was my first time and it left me undone.

The highlight of the trip.

Watch these inexplicably mind-blowing things Jesus did…

This photo was my prayer. My first day there I said “God I want to see one prostitute so touched — that she tells the whole ‘village’ about Jesus. Like the woman at the well.” It is exactly what happened!

I will be back there in February. Write to me if you would like to be considered to join my team.

It was such an honour to be the first evangelist to be invited to speak at Embassy church and the week ended on a high as the Holy Spirit crashed into the Sunday morning meeting…

Angouleme, France: Hellfest
Back to France to have fun with some friends at the Hellfest — the biggest heavy metal festival in Europe.

Cecile and Johno have been taking a team out to the festival for the past three years. They reach out by handing out white roses, muffins, free hugs and offering tattoo interpretation. What a crazy bunch of people! We had so much fun! And God did what He does. Gave them Jesus.

The team handing out white roses and ministering to people at Hellfest in Angouleme, France.

Haus David, Lins, Austria
Austria was next.

My second time here. It was great. A three day seminar. God did amazing things.

Vienna, Austria
Next stop was a monastery. I was invited to speak at Bethebara — a fiery group of Catholic youth. Made me so happy to see such hungry youth!

My first night there I spoke to a young man and the next day he was baptised in the Danube River!

There were only 12 girls in the meeting and 21 healing miracles took place! Most of them had not even seen one! Woohoo! The girls were activated and praying for each other — amazed at how easy it is when you simply believe. Gold dust also appeared on the girls’ hands! How I love God and His ways.

I ministered at the men’s house also and was so happy to see a special baptism pool for “renewing of their baptism” — I gave the priest a high five!

I love how the church across the earth is moving back to the Bible. And the things of the Bible. Preaching the gospel, Baptism after conversion, healing the sick, impartation, casting out demons and so on! The way Jesus and the disciples did it. Why would Jesus have asked the disciples to make disciples of the nations if the 12 disciples were intended to be the last disciples doing the stuff?! Makes no sense. Miracles are for today! Yippee what an honour to be a part of what God is doing all over the world!

Lighthouse church, Germany
Good to be back with Pastor Karl-Heinz and see his church doing well. My seventh service there. And it was fantastic. One man came to the morning service with diabetes, an open wound on his foot and crutches.

He came again to the evening service — I was preaching in a German Gypsies’ church — without the crutches! This time he had something else with him. A non-believing friend. Oh this was so good! I asked the unbeliever to sit down on a chair in the front — he had back pain. His legs were unequal. His leg grew out right in front of his own eyes. And well the other friend left without an unbelieving friend! All the praise to Jesus.

Awakening Prague
Finally — off to Prague we went alongside thousands of others believing God to awaken Europe! It was glorious!

Must watch!

God is alive!

This is where I got the two items that are now in my bag.

You simply have to watch these clips to find out the full story. God never ceases to amaze.

And now I have one week left of my Europe Reformation Revival Tour — what an honour.

South Africa, see you soon!

Remember “It’s Time SA” !!!

God loves SA!

What an amazing time to be alive!

No eye has seen and no ear has heard what we get to see and hear right now!

Jump in the river — it is the greatest adventure you will ever live!

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Lots of love and fire
Beautiful Witness

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