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A monthly column bringing you frontline testimonies of what God is stirring up across the globe. By international revivalist Lindy-Ann Hopley, Beautiful Witness Ministries.

Bonjour from the South of France!

What an awesome time to be alive!

He promises in the word that in the last days He will pour out His Spirit on all flesh — and my oh my — He is doing it all across the world! Hallelujah!

This month I have had the privilege of going to the USA and Europe — and still mid tour.

Last time I wrote you was from the air on my way to the USA — and that is where I will begin. Wow is a euphemism to say the least. Our God really is an awesome God!

He is so in love with people and cannot wait to encounter His children!

Sometimes we might think it is about His timing. I believe His timing was on the cross!

Just like any loving parent cannot wait to hold their new born child — why would God want to wait till we are a certain age to hold us?

That makes no sense. He is our Father. He loves you! He died to be with you.

Four days in the USA
As mentioned in last month’s column. The It’s Time Event in South Africa caused my America trip to be cut short. Very short. 30 hours of travel — one way — for four days! And it was worth it!

I landed in San Francisco. The Uber driver told me he is not a believer. Well that all changed after God gave me a word of knowledge about José’s right ear that had a problem…

You have to watch this!

From there I was off to Oregon.

Friday night started with a bang! You can watch most of the services live on my Facebook “Lindy-Ann Beautiful Witness Ministries” — starting from April 29 2017.

There are a few … It starts with this one:

The pastor came up at the end, after getting off the floor. He had been to many meetings far and wide and the first time he was ever knocked off his feet by the overwhelming presence of God was right there in his own church — glory! He was so thankful as he was sharing the testimony.

An amazing thing is that God is outside of time and space and not hindered by place — therefore you can receive the same touch wherever you are in the world simply by watching.

I receive many testimonies of people who are healed and touched by God whilst watching the videos — even after they have been online for a while. So take your time and enjoy Him with us!

Salem House of Prayer was next…

Also a couple of live videos taken by Convergent Promotions — can see them all on my page. Scroll down to April 30 and start at the bottom and work your way up.

This is the first:

Sunday morning I spoke at a church in Wayside Oregon and God surprised us all with so many healings and so much glory!

You can watch it here! People were lined up to testify of the miracle they had just received! 50 minutes in there was a lady who was scheduled for another ankle operation and actually started to cry as God touched her and took all pain away! Some difficult worded arthritis disease Jesus healed! If you are struggling with anything that I call out during the meetings — why not put your hand on your body and receive it right where you are?!

When you hear a testimony of something you need healing of — take that healing for yourself also! The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy — prophesying that He will do it again! Why wait any longer?

This is your day!

Please message me with the good news of what God has done whilst watching.

Watch some good news here!

Later that same afternoon I was so blessed to be invited as a guest speaker at Elizabeth Hawkers home.

She is Native American and was the representative of the Native American people at the Azusa Now meeting in Los Angeles last year.

It was a powerful prophetic meeting! Watch here!

Perhaps joy in church with people laughing is a new or even strange concept for you. The Bible says in Psalms — that God sits in heaven and laughs at the plans of the enemy! God is in a good mood! Seriousness is not a fruit of the Spirit — joy is! Enjoy Him! He enjoys you!

From there off we went to “Beloved Community Wide Women’s Meeting”.

I was one of the three speakers…

This first link is mainly worship and the second the miracles!

There was a lady with Fibromyalgia — overcome with pain! God touched her in a radical way! She wept and wept and wept and wept, as she realised that God had healed her completely!

Hallelujah!!! He is that good!

The testimony that really moved my heart was of the one girl in the worship team. She had so many illnesses and problems with a possible brain tumour etc.

But she had believed that this is maybe her “thorn in the flesh” and therefore made peace with it. She shared this from the stage. But of course I know God and I know that He does not make people sick.

I came up and said “it is time for healing to take place” — and rows of people lined up for healing. And rows got healed! Including fibromyalgia.

Then I called this beautiful girl down from the stage and explained that the thorn in the flesh was not referring to sickness and that Jesus never told anyone this is their thorn in the flesh, so he is not healing them.

Her reply through tears “I know — He healed everyone!” Her hips were totally twisted causing her one leg to be much longer than the other and her ribs to be completely misaligned. Her one side sticking out to the front — I had never seen anything like that before!

God did a miracle right there in front of our eyes twisting everything back into place!!!

Must watch as she shares her story!

What a day! Three incredible meetings.

The Monday we squeezed in a final meeting before heading to the airport.

My favourite testimony of the evening I did not get to see but got word of after…

A mom of a 2 year old little girl who wasn’t speaking asked me in the kitchen before the meeting:  “Can you pray for her tongue to be loosed?”

Nothing happened right then.

The meeting exploded — in a good way.

Watch here:

God did it again.

I am in awe of Him. My friend. My love.

The little girl started speaking on the way home in the car!


Honestly so much happened in such a short time — God is good! All the glory and all the honour belongs to him!

One other testimony that is so amazing from my time there was this message from a girl in Belgium…

So off to Europe I went with a quick stop in New York! Where I prayed for a girl who said she had a booming headache and right there prayed and it vanished immediately. Healed. Awesome! She was totally shocked and in awe of God’s goodness! So much fun!

Part 1 of the Europe tour
Europe started with the Europa Conference “Begegne Jesus 2017”

This was a massive honour to be invited as part of the tour — the youngest speaker but same God!

First I had four days in Langenegg, Austria. Then off to Uberlingen in Germany. Then Ravensburg and ended off in Munich.

Lots of exciting testimonies can be seen May 4-21. Feel free to browse.

So much happened it is impossible for me to share them all. Full time scribe needed!

Super fun and unexpected was having the opportunity to speak at a non-Christian school in Uberlingen. This happened!

You want to check out the full story on Facebook! Wooohoooo!!!

Ravensburg was a Youth Meeting, Golden Oldies Meeting and Church — wowee the Spirit broke out!!!

Watch the church service below:

In Munich there was this one lady who came to the meetings looking like an Eskimo. She had six coats on with a polo neck top underneath it all! She went home coats in hand. “I feel warm”.

There were a ton of sessions — this one is my favourite!

I spoke in another school and miracles broke out and of course many salvations!

Then the students started praying for one another!!! Germany! Yes Lord more!

Salvations. Healings. Deliverances.

As it is in heaven amen!

So many testimonies and well there is no time left to write you anymore as I am about to go preach in Bergerac at Agapé Ministries in France!

Oh but how good He is! How wonderful and how marvellous!

Make sure to follow amazing adventures with God on my social media!

And next month I will be sharing what happened on our Love Lourdes Mission last week!!! Amazing!!!

Please keep me in your prayers as I am in France this week ministering, then Amsterdam, Austria, Prague, Romania and Budapest! Then home.

Bless you all! Keep the fire burning and ask God for more! There is always more. All who believe in me and what I have done will be able to do what I have done and greater thing! — Jesus. Believe.

Lots of love and fire

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