God opened door to US military during American ministry trip, says Buchan

South African farmer evangelist, Angus Buchan (left) and his US host, Pastor G Allen Jackson at the Give Thanks event at Bridgestone Arena, Nashville Tennesse last Sunday (November 23).

Farmer evangelist Angus Buchan returned to South Africa today from an “exceptional” week-long ministry trip to the United States where he believes “we are on the verge of a massive revival”.

“I felt a tremendous momentum buildup from my last visit to the US and feel that we are literally going from strength to strength and there is a tremendous hunger among American people to get back to grassroots and to family time,” he says.

Highlights of the trip included preaching to a capacity crowd at a Give Thanks event at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee on Sunday (November 23) and addressing the prestigious West Point Military Academy in New York on Saturday (November 22).

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He says it is amazing that God opened the door for him to minister at Westpoint “which is virtually impregnable”.

He believes he has been given the key to the door of the US military “who really need our prayers and support as they seem to be in the frontline of everything that is happening in the world at the moment”. 

The packed Bridgestone Arena at Sunday's Give Tahnks event.
The packed Bridgestone Arena at Sunday’s Give Thanks event.

Last year Buchan preached at the Bridgestone Arena at the Second Mighty Men USA — a men’s only event hosted by Pastor G Allen Jackson, founder of World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. This year’s event at the arena was open to men, women and children.

“The response to the altar call [at Sunday’s Give Thanks event] was something I’ve never seen before — literally the whole stadium stood up and repented. And I had to do something I’ve never done before and asked those people who had not repented or did not feel it necessary to pray the prayer of repentance to sit down — and not one soul sat down.”

He says the high standard of praise and worship and general running of the arena event was exceptional and the Lord impressed on him “the importance of doing our best when doing things for God”.

He says he is looking forward to next year’s US trip and “by faith and by the grace of God [is looking forward] to bigger venues — rugby football stadiums and the like!”

“With regard to my call to Africa, nothing has changed. My heart is still very much for this nation. This remains my home. And I am very excited for what God has planned for next year. In September by faith we hope to book the FNB Stadium in Soweto.

“We are believing for a supernatural visitation of the Lord next year in South Africa.”



  1. Suzette van Rooyen

    So blessed to have a man like Angus in this nation. We pray that the Lord will use him to bring change to our nation as well.

  2. Oh YES – stadiums, also here in RSA : come Lord Jesus, let the fire fall! Amen

  3. (Mrs) M.G. Enerson

    So grateful to God for raising up a man like Angus Buchan and his obedience to God in starting the first of many ‘Might Men’s Conferences’ in S.Africa and that God is now using him to carry the message all over the world.

  4. Great to hear. Anti-theists have tried to evict God from many areas in the USA, including the military, but the Living God is greater and opens doors that the servants of the enemy tries to shut!