God will deliver Korkie says Buchan as ransom deadline looms

Yolandé Korkie en haar seun en dogter, Pieter-Ben (16) en Lize-Marie (14), bid saam met Angus Buchan vir die vrylating van haar man en die kinders se pa, Pierre. Foto's: Dirk Kok
Yolandé Korkie and her children, Pieter-Ben (16) and Lize-Marie (14), praying with Angus Buchan last Friday, for the release of her husband, Pierre. (PHOTO: Dirk Kok, OFM )
Call for prayers of faith for kidnapped teacher

As Saturday’s ransom deadline looms over the family of Al Qaeda hostage, Pierre Korkie, farmer-evangelist Angus Buchan said today that he continues to trust God to deliver him.

“We continue to thank God for His divine hand over the Korkie Family, and trust for Pierre’s miraculous release. Often the clouds become darker just before the life giving rain falls,” he said in an interview, six days after he prayed with Korkie’s wife, Yolande, and their children, Pieter-Ben, 16, and Lize-Marie, 15, at a mass prayer rally in Bloemfontein. He called on Christians to keep on praying for Pierre and his family.

Pierre Korkie
Pierre Korkie

Yolande Korkie has made an appeal on video to Al Qaeda to show compassion and release her ailing husband, reports Times Live. The couple were kidnapped in Yemen eight months ago. Yolande was released last month following the intervention of Gift of the Givers. However the kidnappers have threatened to kill Bloemfontein teacher, Pierre, if they are not paid R32-million ransom by Saturday. In her video appeal, Yolande assures Al Qaeda that the South African government did not pay any ransom money, and that Anas al-Hamati (negotiator in Yemen) from Gift of the Givers, did not receive any money.

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Buchan said yesterday that he has been in contact with Yolande since the prayer day at the CRC auditorium in Bloemfontein last Friday (January, 31).

“She is a Godly Woman with incredible faith and She stands on God’s Word and His promises. We believe, by faith, that Pierre will be released!” he said.

Buchan said he was deeply touched by the thousands of men, women and schoolchildren who participated in the Bloemfontein prayer meeting for the Korkie family and for rain in drought-stricken regions of the country. God answered the prayer for rain even before the meeting began and he would answer the prayers for the Korkie family, he said.

Urging Christians to keep the family in prayer he said: “Remember that God does not answer prayer; He answers the prayer of faith. There is a big difference.” He urged Christians to take seriously God’s promises in 2 Chronicles 7:14 (Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.)

He said that since it began raining just before God’s people committed themselves to come to Him in prayer last week, he has received reports of abundant rain in the western parts of the country and a Vryburg farmer sent him photos in which his formerly arid farm looks like a lake.

Buchan said he is now earnestly seeking God’s will on a plea from an Australian farmer for him to travel there to pray for an end to a long and devastating drought in the northern and central region which is causing farmers to slaughter their cattle and even commit suicide. He said his year is already fully booked with commitments in the United States, Brasil, the United Kingdom and Israel. But as a farmer his heart goes out to the suffering farmers in Australia where he has led Mighty Men Conferences in the past. He asked for fellow Christians to join him in seeking God’s will on the Australian request.


  1. Oh yes LORD, You came to set the captives free!

  2. our heavenly father we just honour and praise your name God bless Korkies family and return him home thank you aba Father

  3. In the name of The Lord Jesus Christ we speak deliverance over Korkie from the hands of the enemy. Satan take your hands off his life right now in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you God the father for being with him. —If God be on our side who can be against us (Rom 8: 31). Hlengani

  4. elzanne stemmett

    God can deliver us from something, through something or by something into His arms. let us trust God that His will be done. may the peace of God be with his family.

  5. Get thee off our backs Satan and in the name of Jesus Christ free this man from the evil doers

  6. What is impossible with man,it is possible with GOD. GOD is able.

  7. Praise God for the headline: Mediator – Kidnappers will not execute Korkie (http://m.news24.com/news24/SouthAfrica/News/Mediator-Kidnappers-will-not-execute-Korkie-20140208). Thank you Lord! We trust you for his release!