God @ Work in East London

From Malcolm Bailes, area manager for Maizey Plastics, Eastern Cape

Dear Editor

Please read below what God is doing in East London with the branch manager, who recently gave her life to the Lord and her Christian co-worker. The father of a customer wrote this letter to the managing director of the company in Johannesburg:

To Mr Maizey,
I have a child Dean that was born with brain damage 22 years ago. He is placed in an age group at the moments of about a twelve year old. He has had a hard time in life but as I have always maintained he loves life and the friendly people around him.

He has always loved cars but due to his problems, he has found it hard to function in this field. (He can’t read and write) About a year ago I bought him a small “Roland Vinyl Cutter”. I linked it up to my computer and left him to play around. He has made headway and I have assisted him and he has managed to make small stickers for the car dealers in our area. He is also so excited when he comes home and he has got a small job to do.

A few months ago after buying the machine I met with Annemarie and Brendon at the East London branch. I was shown the different products and thought this will be the ideal place for my son Dean to go to. The people are so friendly and very helpful.

I showed Dean where the shop was but did not think he would ever try and go down and buy any vinyl himself. Little did I know that he went with a friend to get vinyl whilst I was out of town one day. I don’t get a chance to go to the shop any more as he will find ways and means of getting to your branch.

Annemarie and Brendon have really made a change to my sons life. He can’t stop talking about them and how they help him when he is there.

Mr Maizey I think that you have a fantastic business and you have wonderful staff who care about their customers. In the past I have seen how Dean has been pushed aside because of his problems but at Maizey’s in East London this has been different. He is welcomed at the shop and is always treated in the best manner. I congratulate you on having such excellent staff members namely Brendon Janse Van Rensburg and Annemarie Gardner.

Thank you again for making a change and bringing happiness to my child.


  1. This is what living your faith at work is all about. People should be able to see the difference in your area of influence, because the next question they will ask is “why are you so kind?” and then you can tell them about the “kindest” one of all.

  2. So right Mike, what an inspiration! kindness goes a long way