God’s stand at Sexpo

sexpoSouth Africa’s premier ‘adult entertainment’ exhibition, Sexpo, has a new exhibitor this year – the Salvation Army.

And does God approve? “It is His idea and He is fully on board!” said Major Margaret Stafford, national coordinator of the Salvation Army’s Anti Human Trafficking Desk.

Through divine inspiration and extraordinary favour the Salvation Army will have a free, high profile opportunity to share its anti-trafficking message throughout the event at the Nasrec Expo Centre, Johannesburg from September 25 to 29.

“We believe emphatically that God birthed the idea of going to Sexpo in our hearts, so we didn’t expect any opposition but we were blown away by the absolute wide open arms of welcome from the organisers. We didn’t expect that but we knew that God would go ahead of us and that if it was His will He would open the doors. Well, He flew them open! It was amazing!” said Stafford.

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Positive about message
She said after hearing that exhibition stands at Sexpo cost
R60 000, the Salvation Army decided they would somehow raise the money. But when their media house approached the Sexpo organisers with their proposal they were so positive about their message that they said they would give them a prime position at the entrance to the exhibition and they would only charge them R12 000.

“Then another donor stepped up and said I’ll give you R12 000. So it is costing us absolutely nothing,” she said

The favour continues. Durex condoms have a lounge at Sexpo and have given the Salvation Army an hour slot at lunchtime each day to present their message. Stafford says they will make full use of the offer with an industrial theatre presentation and talks by speakers including Marcel van der Watt, a university lecturer, former police detective, and Gateway News columnist; and Melanie Dukakis, a photojournalist and human rights documentary photographer. Some porn stars at the event who are strongly opposed to human trafficking want to support the Salvation Army’s message. Other donors are sponsoring tables and exhibition material. And others may help with providing ‘Jesus Loves Porn Star’ New Testaments, bracelets with the Human Trafficking Helpline number, and other giveaway items.

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God’s timing
God’s timing in the battle against the evil of human trafficking is also evident in this week’s great news that President Zuma has signed the Prevention and Combating of Trafficking in Persons Bill into law, and that the weekend of Sexpo will take place at a time when the Salvation Army International has called its members throughout the world to pray and fast for victims of sex trafficking, she said.

“We only do what we do because we love Jesus and we do these strange things like going to Sexpo because we believe that Jesus is part of everybody’s life. You can try and shut Him out but ultimately you cannot,” said Stafford.

“We are not going in [to Sexpo] and saying ‘Well done, this is brilliant. We are saying ‘Here is an alternative lifestyle for you which may work better. Sex is God’s idea, not man’s idea. The devil perverted it. We are going to be a good voice there.”

Stafford says that the Salvation Army’s exhibition will take visitors through an intense experience that will confront all of their senses with anti-human trafficking information.

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“As you come out there will be a table with people willing to talk to you about what you just experienced – a kind of a debriefing. There will be some things to take away from the stand, and we want to set up a prayer booth so that if you need prayer there will be people to come alongside you.”


  1. I am in awe of Father God! Cannot wait to hear the testimonies afterwards.

  2. This was done about 2 or 3 years ago in Cape Town, I think same event. Remarkable testimonies of hour God work in individuals lives, saving marriages, porn addicts etc.

  3. Margaret and Geoff : I am absolutely gobsmacked and ecstatic how our wonderful Lord is ripping open the doors of heaven for you ! Talk about BREAKTHROUGH … WOW !!!! So excited and who better to bring the message than you ! May all of God’s abundant strength and anointing be yours during, before and after Sexpo !! Praise Jesus !!!

  4. This is not a GOD idea but the idea of religous fools and of a Church who while all wrapped in social concerns cant tell the Biblical gospel apart from humanism. Genl Booth would not legitimize a sex fest that promotes idolatry, fornication and other sexual immorality.

    You thinking you are wise are fools in the order of the likes of Joel Osteen, Todd Bentley and Benny Hinn.

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  6. In response to Billy’s comment, I seem go recall that Jesus himself spent a lot of time meeting with prostitutes and other sinners to bring them his message, and also received huge amounts of condemnation and judgment from the pharisees of the day.

  7. THANK YOU, BILLY!!!! Wish more have your discernment and fear of GOD!!!! YES, this expo is FALSELY presenting something as the TRUTH…as if THIS will bring LIFE – what a SHAM and a SHAME…….

  8. Frankie Simpson

    I can’t understand Billy and Riana’s comments against the stand at the Sexpo! Surely any opening to present the Gospel, in season or out, is an opportunity to take and be blessed? Margaret and Geoff may this stand be blessed by Yeshua and bring many to his love and a commitment to him.

    • Wouldn’t it be even better to visit the prostitutes as a paying client and then evangelise them? After all, it is all about Christ’s love and not his righteousness?

    • If you “present the GOSPEL”, yes!!

  9. Yes, Jesus did spend a lot of time with “sinners” – and it was so that they could experience His grace, mercy and love. That they may share in Hid hope and light. But He also warned them of their pending disaster if they kept on rejecting His offer of grace! That message must also be preached! There must be a response to His offer of grace! If this message is not understood by ‘The Army’s” stand, then it is just another stand – this one highlighting ‘Human Traficking’, but being too PC to actually present the GOSPEL!!Should we now be part of the “SLUT MARCHES” “GAY-PRIDE PARADES” also? “Do not let the world squeeze you in IT’S mould”.