‘Goliath trampled’ as prayer warriors unite in Africa-wide prayer connect

South African National Defence Force chaplain general, Brigadier General Reverend Monwabisi Jamangile was the keynote speaker at a recent Africa-wide prayer connect gathering

Prayer warriors from across Africa joined together on January 30 for a five-hour prayer connect event to ask God to have mercy on the nations of the continent.

The fiery prayer gathering, which saw believers of all ages from a wide tradition of churches from South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mozambique, Burundi and Tunisia, joining in prayer in their own languages, was hosted by Dr Fay Nqoloba, CEO of Warrior Woman of the Kingdom and Talitha Cumi Foundation.

As they repented and called on God, participants adopted a posture of thanking God amidst the troubles and uncertainties of last year and this year, “for helping us this far” (1 Samuel 7:12) and of facing the Goliath of today while saying: “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God? (1 Samuel 17:26)

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Panellists in the event ministered from a Zoom studio in a Cape Town hotel, while others hooked up online from locations all over the continent.

Describing the prayer connect as “a bomber”, Nqoloba said the God of Heaven with His assembly descended and the Goliath of Covid-19 and gender-based violence were trampled as each of the panellists played their part.

She said Pastor Khaya Mayedwa “roared like a lion”, as he stated that you cannot fight the enemy looking like him but must be the light in the darkness, fighting evil with good.

Prophetess Vuyo Matu “revealed the hidden treasures of Heaven”, Pastor Charl van Vollenhoven, who led communion “brought Jesus the Light of the Earth alive” and the keynote speaker, South African National Defence Force chaplain general, Brigadier General Reverend Monwabisi Jamangile “brought everyone to their knees” with his “powerful and fire-filled address”, she said.

In his address Jamangile lamented that many pastors today failed to teach and defend sound biblical doctrine but were known for “musical content, fashion, novelty, personality, and marketing savvy”.

Concluding his address he emphasised the imperative of Christians to challenge the world and teach nations with Christ and His Gospel.

Dr Singeziwe Sibeko, a senior researcher at Stellenbosch University, who participated in the prayer connect commented that “such a sweet heavy presence of the Holy Spirit” was released when shofars was blown “that people started praying in tongues and native languages, worshipping and praising God in unison. What a beautiful sight to behold! It made me think of Psalm 133. I must state at this point that this was a significant occurrence. It reassured one that the meeting was going to be controlled by the Holy Spirit. There is nothing as encouraging as a meeting where the Holy Spirit manifests and takes control.”

She added that the leading of the Holy Spirit was evident in the prayers of panellists and all those who prayed spontaneously from around Africa.

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