Gospel legend Carman rushed to hospital after heart scare


Originally published in The Christian Post

Popular Christian entertainer Carman Licciardello, mononymously known as Carman, recently overcame an intense battle with cancer but his fight is not over yet. The singer is currently in the hospital and is asking fans to pray for him as his body is under attack yet again.

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The artist was rushed to the hospital Sunday after a concert because he was suffering from chronic chest pain. It is not the first time he ended up in the hospital because of chest pain, but on Memorial Day of 2015, the New Jersey native spent some time in the hospital after suffering multiple heart attacks. In a detailed Facebook message Carman revealed this time around he landed in the ER because of stress.

See his March 22 Facebook message in its entirety below:


“SO GLAD TO SEE YOUR FACE: Two hours sleep, no food since Sunday and 10 needles later I can say, Yes the rumor is true. I was taken to the ER on the last day of tour in Belton TX. It’s been a very stressful tour with lots of technical difficulties and frustrations. Not to mention an 18 city string of one nighters. Put it all together and it’s doesn’t turn out well for Uncle Carm. I try really hard to make things great for my supporters and fans. Everyone continues to give so generously to our gofundme.com/carman that I really really want the show to be better each time I walk out and the most anointed visual spectacle you’ve ever seen. Ok, Ok, I know I overdid it. I’ve been having bad chest pains for the past 2 weeks. Finally the last couple days it got really severe and the guy who picked me up at the hotel was a medic and wanted to go straight to the hospital. I wanted to do the last show. People have bought tickets and waited in line. No way was I going to not show up. So when the concert was over I walked off the stage into a car zooming straight for the ER. So far the doctors are saying it’s all stress related but I’m just starting the tests now. I’ve only gotten 2 hours of sleep and no food since Sunday so I’m dying to get a meatball sandwich. Please keep me in your prayers. Yes, we are adjusting the tech issues and dialing down the number of dates in a row. But it’s good to be alive, cancer free and have all these places to minister. I’ll keep you informed as I know more. I’m sure you all have some good advice comments so I guess I’m just gonna have to sit here and read them all : )”

In September of last year, Carman launched a Go Fund Me campaign for a New CD and Tour called, “The History Of Worship PT. 1”. His vision behind the upcoming album is to combine classic hymns mixed with innovative worship songs and produce an album for the passionate music fan of 2016.


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  1. love U Carman & your Music Hope U are feeling better SOON PRAYING THAT GOD HEALS U my friend in Christ. U are an awesome man of GOD