Groundbreaking filmmaker Darren Wilson back with new movie about Jesus

Remember those movies like Finger of God, Furious Love, Father of Lights, Holy Ghost and Holy Ghost Reborn in which US filmmaker Darren Wilson took viewers on a round-the-world tour filming God encounters in real time?

Well, he’s back with a new, unscripted documentary feature film, The God Man, in which he is led by dreams, impressions and divine appointments on a spiritual journey across the world on a mission to better understand Jesus as He really is in the world today.

In an interview with author, podcast host and Christian leader Shaun Bolz, Wilson says his new movie, which is the final chapter in a 15-year, 6-film saga, that began with Finger of God, is his most personal ever because of his daughter’s involvement. He said she had strayed far from God and was in a dark place when he hired her to work on the film. During the thee years it took to make The God Man his daughter got radically transformed and “resaved” as she experienced the living Jesus behind the scenes. Now she is at Bible college in Texas.

Wilson tells Bolz that he had set out “to make a Jesus film for a new generation” and that “the hardest part was walking this fine line of trying to make a film that was going to be for believers and kind of like reignite their their first love, but then at the same time that would also be interesting to people who have no idea who Jesus is”.

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In pursuing their vision of seeking the real Jesus, stripped of religion and misconceptions, the film crew visited the wilds of Alaska, the slums of Rio and the tropical beauty of the Caribbean. They also featured leaders like Rabbi Jason Sobel, Pastor Bill Johnson, Heidi and Rolland Baker and Jake Hamilton.

The God Man will be screened at 800 theatres across the US on June 6. Other ways to view the film, for people outside the US, can be found on the website

Watch the trailer:

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Watch Shaun Bolz’s interview with Darren Wilson:

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