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‘God adventures’ flimmaker launches online channel

Filmmaker Darren Wilson, pioneering creator of hit ‘God adventure’ documentaries like Father of Lights, Furious Love and Holy Ghost, and the recent TV series Adventures with God and Questions with God, has embarked on a new online adventure. Announcing the launch of WP TV, an online channel providing access to an enormous library of God […]

‘Adventures with God’ TV series releases as DVD

It has been almost two years since Darren Wilson and his production company, WP Films, has released a new DVD, but that changed on April 21, 2017, when his highly acclaimed new television show, Adventures With God, became available for purchase. Adventures With God, Wilson’s first foray into television, is […]

Filmmaker Darren Wilson embarks on a new journey

Originally published in Charisma News. For 10 years, Darren Wilson has traveled the globe in an attempt to film God. He has created five wildly popular feature films, and in the process amassed thousands of hours of footage of God’s supernatural power and love on display in real world situations. […]

Holy Ghost Reborn will release on October 20

Holy Ghost Reborn, Wanderlust Productions’ sequel to last year’s Holy Ghost, will be screened at special premiere events around the United States from August 15 before its release on October 20. The feature-length documentary movie includes footage shot in South Africa in January last year when Darren Wilson and his […]