Gupta allegations: Church leaders make urgent appeal for prayer

The SA Christian Leadership Initiative has issued “an urgent appeal for prayer on behalf of our nation” in the wake of “the phenomenon of state capture currently unravelling in our nation”.

Referring to St Paul’s exhortation to offer prayer for “all people, especially those in authority”, SACLI says of the disclosures of alleged cabinet job offers by the Gupta family: “As we pray, let us give thanks that the Lord is bringing to pass the Luke 8:17 exhortation that there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed. In particular, let us pray that:

  • Whatever evil continues to lie behind the curtains of state secrecy be brought to light.
  • That good governance and integrity in leadership may emerge.

The appeal, in a letter to Christian leaders which is signed by Rev Moss Ntlha, SACLI Chairman, continues: “As SACLI we have just come out of a two day consultation of civil society, business, students, traditional leaders and government leaders, called the Socio-Economic Future of South Africa (SEFSA), which we helped to convene under the Chairmanship of Archbishop Thabo Makgoba.

“We came away inspired and challenged by many of the brilliant leaders present, including Minister Pravin Gordhan, who challenged us to help defend the institutions of our democracy.

“We believe our prayers are an important part of the battle, ‘so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity.’ 1 Tim 2:1-4.

The letter notes that the ANC NEC will be taking place in Tswane from March 18 to 20 March at the St George’s Hotel in Irene and invited any church leaders who would be willing to be a praying presence on site to contact SACLI.

The letter ends with a prayer for South Africa (see below) written by Revd Edwin Arrison and offered for use in church services on Sunday.

Prayer for South Africa 
God of this time and all time
God of light and darkness
God of hosanna and crucify
Thank you that you are passionate about us
here on the southernmost part of Africa
You were with us in struggle and victory
And today you are still with us
Thank you that you are Truth and that you set us free
Reveal only your will to us at this time
Cleanse and deliver this land from all evil
And help us to hold on to one another
As you hold on to us.


  1. As the Church we must get involved by been pro active in our approach rather been reactive .We waits to long for things to happen.The Lord ask Moses what do you have in your hand ,He doesn’t knew what he was carried ,the Church should be alert at all times.

  2. Barbara Wayman

    high time !!!