Have you read this book?

From Sheldon Mould,Port Alfred

Dear Editor

Herewith a review of a book I was reading the other day. It’s in two parts; a collection of short stories. The first part is about the ancient societies that dwelled on earth. It talks of where animals and life came from; I wondered if any palaeontologists had read this. It talks of the first man making wrong decisions influenced by his wife; I wondered how many husbands had read this.

It talks of birthrights and blessing being sold; I wondered how many fathers read this. It talks of great men, leaders of great nations, custodians of great wealth that fell because of pride, greed and lust; I wondered if our captains of industry had seen this book. It gives us 10 basic guidelines for society to live by, and the consequences if we don’t; I wondered if the President knows about this.

It talks of great nations being disobedient to their leaders and choosing to follow corrupt men; I wondered if society had seen this. It talks of a great man choosing wisdom over all else; I wondered how many politicians have read this. It talks of people being put to death for committing adultery; I wondered if the lawyers had read this.

The second part talks of a man who went around spreading good news. He could have been a politician but his message was totally opposed to what society teaches us. He speaks about not storing up wealth on earth; I wondered how many greedy business men had read this.

He spoke of forgiveness,loving your neighbour; I thought: how many church members have read this? He spoke of feeding the widows and taking care of the poor; I wondered if those people in the billion dollar chapel at the end of the street had read this. He spoke of the greatest weapon of all, love; I wondered if the different race groups in our church have seen this .

He talks of a love so great that a man, a only child, died for a bunch of strangers; I don’t think many lost souls have seen this. He speaks of things that are happening on earth, warning signs, of the end times; I wondered if the pastor had read this. He spoke of a place were our friends and family can spend eternal damnation if they don’t make the right choice; I wondered how many Christians BELIEVE this.

Lastly He speaks of a place were we can spend eternity in His presence, I have read it, I believe it.

One Comment

  1. What a pity that so many people skip the first part of the book and only read the end. It’s like reading a novel, starting from the back. If you start from the front and read all of it, by the time you get to the second part, you know all the characters and the plot.