‘He Said Yes!’ — new book launched on unsung SA hero of the faith

Dot Mitchell with her book ‘He Said Yes!’

Gateway News interviews veteran Christian journalist Dot Mitchell about her new book He Said Yes! — about the life of trailblazing South African Christian leader Derek Crumpton

Tell us about your own connection with Derek Crumpton

“The first time I met Derek Crumpton and his wife Jean was in 1976 when I pitched up at their “rehab” in East London as a newly saved, ex-hippie.

It was a baptism of fire for all of us as I adapted to life in a community where we adopted the lifestyle of the early church in Acts 2-4.

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That was the beginning of my journey with the Crumptons – as we produced New Vision magazine in the seventies and eighties — and organised the first multiracial charismatic conferences in South Africa in 1977 and 1980.

Few are probably aware that it was Derek who had to approach the Nationalist government for permission to allow black and white Christians to worship, live and travel together for the first during the apartheid era

Please explain the title of the book

The thread that runs through their lives is Derek and Jean’s radical obedience to the Lord — hence the title of the book He said Yes!

That, combined with their consuming passion for the presence of God and hunger for more of the Holy Spirit positioned them to experience the extraordinary, supernatural interventions of God, miraculous healings and angelic encounters.

Derek and Jean Crumpton.

How did the book come about?

Although Derek was reluctant to publish his story, about eight years ago Jean called me in the UK where we were living at the time and said: “Dotty I feel it’s time to write Derek’s story and you need to write it.”

Sadly I couldn’t manage it then, but a couple years ago I felt a sense of urgency and flew out to Johannesburg from London to spend two weeks recording Derek’s story.

His heart tender towards the Lord, he wept often as he recalled God’s faithfulness through eight decades and many times I felt we were standing on holy ground.

What are you hopes for the book?

My prayer is that this book will inspire readers to also say yes to God, so that they too will live extraordinary lives. Like Derek they may not be famous on earth but they will be well-known in heaven!”



  1. We catered many times for this precious couple’s ministry leadership at camps.
    What an honor it was to serve such gentle, genuine people .
    I will definitely love to read the book.
    We salute this humble general of the faith.
    With fond regards,
    Hennie + Louise Burger

  2. Hugh G Wetmore

    Yes, I knew Derek as a pioneering worker for Jesus, not ashamed to be the odd man out for His Saviour. Today the charismatic churches grow in a climate of acceptance, thanks to Derek’s courage in Jesus!.