Heavenly honey harvest in ‘It’s Time’ cross

A beekeeper holds one of a number of large honeycombs found in one of the three ‘It’s Time’ crosses near Bloemfontein

Standing watch over an open field near Bloemfontein where a million believers prayed for South Africa at the It’s Time prayer day in April 2017 are three crosses. Three miracle crosses.

At the time Gateway News posted a story about how God sovereignly ordained where and how and when the crosses would be planted on a farm given to a church so that they would be in place just in time to be an integral part of a historic prayer day that He independently ordained on a neighbouring farm.

Heavenly honey

In a recent Facebook post, Cornelis van Heyingen, senior pastor of Father’s Home Church that was given the farm in 2010 and who was led to erect the crosses on a hill on the corner of the busy N1 and R700 roadways, noted that “every detail of the crosses had a miracle in it; from where the sun panels were placed on the horizontal beams of the cross, to the LED lights, H-frame steel, positioning, foundation, height, etc.”

And it appears that God’s hand of favour still rests on the crosses which were erected on that prominent site with a vision to minister the love of Jesus to as many people as possible. In his Facebook post Cornelis says: “After a few years we became aware of a beehive in one of the crosses. The beehive became bigger and was on the inside of the sleeper cladded crosses.

Miracle crosses

“What an amazing surprise at the abundant amount of honey found! I think God just wanted to remind us in a beautifully simplistic way that His Word, the message of the Cross, is so much sweeter than honey. His destiny for us with milk and honey has one central theme: The Cross of Christ! May the Cross of Christ be central to all the sweetness of our lives and may we always stand in awe and respect, when we try to comprehend the excellence of His grace, as we focus on the Cross of Christ. I pray that everyone who heard about the honey in the crosses will remember the Father’s plan for their lives. His Word and His dream is so much more beautiful, pure, flavoursome than the pure honey coming from creation.”

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  1. His name is wonderful, Jesus, Lord, and Saviour , thank You Lord Amen !!!