History is at a tipping point — Marian Fitz-Gibbon

Inspired by Psalm 24 (Passion Translation)
History is being written by you and me. There is a push and shove and a deep cry from the belly of men, women and children saying: “Things have got to change, listen up, someone, anyone!! It’s time for reformation and time for transformation.”

Cry of the beloved countries
Whose cries are we listening to? Corrupt conversations? Theirs or ours? Are we to envy sinners as Proverbs speaks of? Don’t for a second allow yourself to even think about it. Don’t even consider keeping company with people like them no matter how desperate you may be. Don’t be envious of those who gain wealth by wicked ways, not only because of their end that the Lord will ensure but because of their manner of thinking and plotting. It will prove destruction to themselves and those around, wait and see, we serve a righteous God. History has proven that time and again.

Guard your tongue
Don’t speak like them; guard your tongue. The wicked plot evil in their hearts and it spews forth like venom from their mouths. But you, my friend, the righteous, think on good things; things that will build you and give you a hope and a future and a tomorrow. Put your faith in God. He is the only one who can save you in these perilous times.

And what of your future?
Be wise with the little you may have. Trust the Lord to multiply as you share what you have. Wise people are builders; they build their families, businesses, and the communities around them. Communities are found wherever people meet collectively on a regular basis. Come, you have the mind of Christ, so use your intelligence and think of possibilities where you can support families, the community and be a blessing. It’s the time to think “share” not “store”.

Revival and restoration people give and think of others. They are outward thinking and not victim thinkers. They are solution orientated. Like Joshua, they consider the giant obstacles to be their food. It’s through enterprise that they become established and they endure. Build on good foundations and then steadily build up, line upon line. Consider your prayers, both private and collective, that are being answered. “Did you not cry for the nations as your inheritance? Did you not pray for strongholds to be broken? For giants to be slain. For hearts to be set on fire?”

It’s no use complaining about the leadership. Go on and become a godly leader. When fine leaders rise to the top, the hearts of people are filled with the treasures of wisdom and spiritual wealth. Study to show yourself approved. Get on your knees and pray. Ask Holy Spirit for creative solutions for your challenges. Hope will arise.

It’s time to fight
Paul says in 1 Timothy that we need to fight for the prophetic words that have been promised by the laying on of hands. With all the restrictions imposed by Covid-19, I say to you lay hands on yourself and say:  “I am a mighty warrior and revelation knowledge increases and I rise up in strength in the name of Jesus Christ

“I get wise strategy to war against that which is holding me back from my inheritance and I will draw many astute advisors so I am able to see the path to victory more clearly.

“I have my heart set on you Lord; my vision is resolute Lord.”

Live generously
Feed the poor and perishing; be their rescuer and their hand in time of need. In all good conscience can you turn a blind eye to the starving and watch them stagger to their death? You simply cannot say it’s not your business. I dare to say it’s every bit your and our business. I so appreciate all the churches, groups, companies, individuals and NGOs and unsung heroes who have taken up the plight to address and rebuild after the devastating effects of Covid-19 that have ravaged our earth. The Lord knows your soul and all your motives. Live generously and you will be happier. Rebuilding is what we are built for. We are children of the greatest Creator God Almighty.

Revelation knowledge
We cry for revelation knowledge: it’s like a delicacy which melts in your mouth. The writer of Proverbs says it’s like sweet flowing honey that melts in your mouth. Eat as much as you can, my friend! For then you will perceive what is true wisdom, your future will be bright, and this hope living within will never disappoint you.

All eyes on the Lord
Keep your eyes on the Lord. Stand in awe of the Lord Jehovah! Give godly counsel to others, but don’t mingle with those who are rebellious. I would rather suggest you pray for them to come to know the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Put the Lord first in every facet of your life, and as you do He will reveal His plans to you day by day.

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