Holding on to a promise from God — Vivienne Solomons

Out of the blue, three weeks ago we received the call that we had longed for, prayed for, and waited the better part of seven years for – the call to appear in the Children’s Court to finalise the adoption of our second son.

The road to his adoption was a long and winding one with what seemed like speed bumps and STOP signs at very turn. Yes, there were days when we rejoiced at the progress that had been made, but there were many days when we simply despaired.

For the most part, we lived our lives in a bubble as if our son was born to us, our own in every way that mattered. But there were days when we were faced with the reality of being foster parents with a different surname to our child, who were still very much in a process, with no end date in sight.

With each passing year, we were able to rely less on ourselves and even the wonderful assistance and support we received from our social worker, and later our attorney was not enough to sustain us. We found ourselves leaning more heavily on God, trusting Him who had placed the possibility of adoption on our hearts years before, to bring it to pass. Without Him, the disappointment of hopes raised only to be dashed again, year after year would certainly have crushed us. 

We are not the same people we were seven years ago, largely due to the road we have travelled as a family navigating adoption. When a child’s life and future is at stake, giving up is not an option. To say nothing of the fact that having raised him from the age of nine months old, the very thought of being separated from him was just too painful to bear. So, we fought for our son the only way we knew how — by faith, and in prayer choosing to believe that He who has promised is faithful. 

We are also so grateful for the community of believers God strategically placed around us to stand with us as a family in prayer, and to lift up our arms when our faith waivered. Many of them were with us at the start of our journey. To know that there were people committed to our adoption and willing to support us no matter how long it took, meant more than words can say.

When the magistrate involved in our case declared the adoption order granted and effective immediately, as if our son was born from us, we as his parents couldn’t hold back any longer and we wept. Tears of joy, relief and gratitude flowed freely that day. So significant was the moment. God’s promise to us fulfilled. A child’s identity restored. A family’s future together secured. 

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I am still processing all that has happened and how good God has been to us through it all but this is what I have learned and relearned through this experience:

  • When God makes a promise, He is faithful to fulfil it. 
  • Only God can make a way where there seems to be no way – He is the God of the impossible. 
  • God brings specific people, who are not necessarily family along our path to encourage and support us when we need it most – we need only be open to allowing others a window into our world.
  • Our faith will be tested at some point in our lives, but we can choose to hope anyway. 

Don’t ever give up on your God promise!

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