Holy Ghost film project wraps up in SA

Surprise Sithole faces the camera during the Holy Ghost film shoot in Nelspruit.
Surprise Sithole faces the camera during the Holy Ghost film shoot in Nelspruit.

Groundbreaking Christian documentary filmmaker Darren Wilson has just completed an eight-day shoot in South Africa which wraps up seven months of filming for his latest project, Holy Ghost and Holy Ghost Reborn.

The project which follows his trilogy, Finger of God, Furious Love and Father of Lights, was originally going to be one film about the Holy Spirit but the crew picked up so much “amazing stuff” in various parts of the world that they decided to make two films.

While in South Africa from January 4 to January 12 the team filmed in the Nelspruit/Kruger National Park area and in Cape Town (Table Mountain and Cape Point) and Stellenbosch.

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In Nespruit they filmed with South African revivalist Surprise Sithole, capturing some of his story and heading out to a remote village to find an adventure with God.

“It was all pretty amazing,” said Wilson of their time with Sithole.

The crew had originally planned to film at Stilfontein in North West with Prophet Kobus van Rensburg but were denied this opportunity following the death of the South African preacher on December 21. Van Rensburg had battled cancer for years.

“Through our Kickstarter [crowd funding] campaign, we had three backers coming to observe what we were filming with Kobus, so I decided to switch from filming in Stilfontein to Cape Town (for a beautiful backdrop) and I made the backers, who simply thought they were coming to observe, the people we ultimately would be filming. The whole point, of course, is to show the world that you don’t have to be a spiritual superstar or someone with a radical
‘gift’ to be able to spread God’s love through supernatural means. This whole movie is about finding adventures with God, and as usual, God was faithful in our filming with the backers. We filmed some amazing things with them,” said Wilson.

He said he hopes to release Holy Ghost in September and to visit South Africa in August during a pre-release world tour.

One Comment

  1. Hugh G Wetmore

    The report says it “was originally going to be one film about the Holy Spirit”. Why then go public with the title “The Holy Ghost Film Project?”? The word “Ghost” has been so defined by 21st century usage as being “spooky”, that this title sends the wrong message about the awesome and precious Holy Spirit, third Person of the Divine Trinity, producer of character-fruit and giver of service-gifts to believers, that we set ourselves up for unnecessary misunderstandings, based on words that were in fashion in 1611, but are totally misleading today. Let’s use meaningful language and not obscure our message with ghostly unreality. This goes for so much Christianese language that brands Christians as “peculiar people” in the wrong sense of the word!