Houston we have a (religious freedom) problem

Defending family, faith and freedom

They said it couldn’t happen. But it did. The lesbian mayor of the city of Houston, Texas in the US subpoenaed sermons and other private communications from city Pastors to monitor its contents.

Apparently, Mayor Annise Parker, who recently passed the “Bathroom Bill” allowing men to use women’s toilets and lockers rooms – is on a witch-hunt to stifle any criticism of homosexuality.

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Alarmingly, the largest charismatic Church in America is located in Houston – which appears to have very little influence in the city. Only 16 percent of citizens turned out to vote in the mayors race.

Now the city with the “largest Christian Church in America” is controlled by a lesbian activists mayor – who is making good use of her position to bully the Christian Church to submit to her radical agenda.

I write this update from Salt Lake City, Utah in the US where Arlene and I are attending the World Congress of Families – Strategic Planning Meeting. Faith, family & freedom are all under attack!

Emboldened by a pro-abortion, pro-sexual rights White House, homosexual totalitarianism is extending its ominous reach across the US and Europe and the Christian Church is squarely in its sights.

Religious freedom is under grave threat in the US, Europe and South Africa. The only freedom of speech homosexual activists tolerate – are their own. Sexual rights activists are hard at work at the UN and in liberal Parliaments, shutting down any debate that conflicts with their agenda.

South African Churches will soon be feeling the sting of homosexual totalitarianism when “Hate Crimes” legislation is tabled in Parliament soon. Scriptures condemning homosexual practise will be criminalised and Pastors prosecuted for preaching God’s Word from their own pulpits.

Like Christians in Houston, South African’s have not voted their values or even considered the real implications of their vote. Christian apathy in SA, like Houston – will cost the Church dearly.

Sexual rights activists will not stop their Soviet-era tactics until the Christian Church is silenced and firmly under their control. Tolerance, equality and freedom are demanded but never reciprocated.

In the US, Churches have been harassed, Christian businesses shut down, others have been driven out of their jobs. US Christians have voted a “gay activist” into power and are now paying the price for it.

Unless the Church in SA wakes up to the reality their religious freedoms are being eroded under the guise of “equality,” Houston’s problem will become SA’s problem and it will only have itself to blame.


Errol Naidoo


  1. Shiney Alexander George

    What? A political leader in the ‘Land of the Free’ can muzzle a citizen’s thought? Ominous.

  2. Hugh G Wetmore

    Look on the bright side: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our political leaders who never enter a church wanted to read our sermon-scripts? Yes, they have ominous reasons, but hey, they are hearing/reading the Word of God which can pierce hard hearts and reveal their sins (Heb 4:12). When Corrie ten Boom visited Soviet Russia she looked for the hidden mic in her hotel room and preached the Gospel to the KGB. Let’s pray for a Holy Spirit conviction miracle in the Houston Mayor’s Palour. Someone once asked me this probing question: “If it was a crime to be a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?”

  3. I sersiously doubt that any true Christian will want to oppose a Hate Crimes bill and musch less engage in such activity or stand idly by while such activities are perpetrated. We also do not want to hear Hate Speech preached from our pulpits. So what is the problem? Isn’t this something we should be supporting? Is this a bit of a storm in a teacup? Didn’t Jesus speak up for the victims and the vulnerable?

    • Hi Barbara; are you a Christian? if you are you would surely be aware that the Bible condemns any form of homosexuality. (Note, we are not to hate the homosexual but just to be aware that God is against this practice.) A christian preacher is thus obligated, while speaking up for victims and the vulnerable, to speak out against any practice which our God prohibits.

  4. Peter McGregor

    In this case it was an excellent comparison. If you have the opportunity, go to Steve Quayle’s site, it is a mine of information on the issues you are speaking about. The matter of Christian apathy is not an easy one; bless you for your valuable input;…..Peter.

  5. Assie Van der Westhuizen

    I’m trying to find out what happened to the High Court case that was aimed at the removal of the name of the Lord (and prayer) from our schools?