Hunger for Jesus, unity at Azusa SA gathering

An exuberant moment during the recent Azusa SA gathering in Johannesburg as those present joined the crowds at the Azusa Now gathering at a stadium in Los Angeles, calling out for the salvation of souls to the north, south, east and west.
I’m no longer a slave to fear

[notice]A special report by Marian Fitz-Gibbon on the Azusa SA gathering in Johannesburg on April 9, the 110th anniversary of the start of the Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles.[/notice]

“I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God.” One of the closing songs at Azuza Now in LA – the crowd was singing with every fibre of their being. Something profound was broken in the spirit realm – fear – fear of man, fear of loving one another, fear of praying for one another, and fear of trusting God for greater things than we have ever seen before. Whilst LA sang that song, here in South Africa hubs of believers gathered linking in via satellite to Azuza Now and linking in and uniting with the same heart. One such place was Central Parks Church in Johannesburg. Grant and Lisa Flaum, elders at Central Parks Church, took up the call to host Azuza SA.

The report back from Grant and Lisa was that it was a momentous event that spoke more about the hunger for Jesus and unity than the event itself. They were overwhelmed with the response from local Christians to their invitation to come together from 6pm to 12 midnight for an evening of prayer and worship and . As Elaine Dodge wrote “You’ve heard of the loaves and the fishes? Well, God seemed to do an ‘expansion miracle’ with that building as well as the churches represented there! The capacity of the little hall at Craighall Primary School, where Central Parks City Church meets every Sunday morning, seemed to have been doubled – in width and height! Over 400 people were there that night, and I have no idea how they all fitted in. But fit they did! And it was glorious to see everyone there. You’d think the hall would have looked smaller with all the scaffolding, chairs, communion tables – not to mention the numbers of people, and yet the interior looked bigger than I remembered it. And I’m there every Sunday! In terms of unity, there were approximately 16 different churches there praising and worship Jesus with their whole hearts.”

Grant and Lisa looked at unity and the breaking of bread together with the folk from so many different streams and this was truly magnificent. Some people had communion together who had not spoken for years – what a time of togetherness and unity. There was no pushing of individual doctrine, but a seamless flow with all those who took the lead – truly Holy Spirit led.

Honouring one another
Honouring one another and the gifting in each other is vital says Grant, in a report on Red Oak Radio. Grant says that the currency of ministry is love and that unity comes so much easier when there is love and when the love of the Father is established in each person and we flow out of that place. The Flaum’s are super keen on family and church community as a good place to establish love and be loved. They believe that the church should be non-performance orientated and a place where you can take risks to develop as well as where the Truth of God’s word can be established in your life and you can overcome hurdles.

Back to Saturday night with the worship in full swing, people were so enraptured with Jesus and focused on worshiping Him that time was of little consequence – He was truly the focus. There was an expectation for the move of Holy Spirit and He did not disappoint – there were over 13 words of knowledge. The response was overwhelming, some of which were people standing proxy for others. A colon condition has been reported to be improving after prayer. One lady who had growths on her leg responded to the prayer. The following morning the growths had shrunk and the pain had left her body.

People could have lingered longer than the midnight official cutoff, praying to the last minute and an expectation for the future of what the Lord will do in our nation was evident.

As Elaine Dodge wrote: “ … I think it’s just the beginning. When an ocean wave crashes on the shore, it’s only when the wave recedes back into the ocean that we can see what’s been left on the shore, and it seems to me that we will be seeing the same thing happening now with the new wave of the Holy Spirit. I’m looking forward to wave after wave of His Spirit and the abundance of miracles, salvations and nation-changing falling on us in His wake. It’s a bit like touching the edge of His garment as He passes by. One touch and the result is power in abundance. Power to change lives, countries and history! And not just one wave either, as it’s clear now that the global church is looking for, longing for, wave after wave – not just of miracles but predominantly of His presence. Waves in such rapid succession that it will be as if they are all one! And we will learn to live in that tumultuous glory, that His presence will become the new normal! As will the miracles that follow, in which we will learn to have the confidence to operate.”

The room was still and the lights were lowered and the following prayer was prayed for South Africa:

Azuza prayer for South Africa
“You are our Father God, Jesus Christ is our Lord and Saviour and Holy Spirit is our comforter and guide. You have given us every gift to adequately rebuild our nation; we are complete in Christ because of the shed blood of Jesus, Your son. We have the mind of Christ; greater is He that lives in us than he that lives in the world. Faith arises in us. We have the compassion of Christ and we will restore hope to the downtrodden and disappointed, and rebuild the broken ruins. This nation is reestablished to Your glory, and Your kingdom comes as Your will is done in South Africa as it is in heaven. Lord Jesus Christ, the government of this world is on Your shoulders, and there will be no end to the increase of Your government or of peace, for the Holy Spirit lives in us and Peace is the fruit of the Kingdom of God.

“Father because the Holy Spirit lives in us we continually live in joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control as the state of our being, for against such things there is no law.

“Holy Spirit, show us what Father and Jesus are saying and doing, so that we may know what to say and do in order that we may be Your vessel to touch South Africa in every sector of society.

“You are expanding our territory oh Lord our God, so grant us capacity by Your Spirit as we stand in unity, shoulder to shoulder, young and old, male and female, every tribe and tongue being filled with Your power and love from the tip of Africa to the nations. For where the brethren dwell in unity You command Your blessings and our nation and Your church has great need of Your blessing. Father, the righteousness of Christ Jesus flows through our veins and for this reason we are able to love and love one another as You have commanded.

Let Your Holy Spirit fall and arise on us we pray and flood our nation with Your power and love. “

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