‘I just knew I had to be there’ — ‘It’s Time’ trumpet player

Dan and Kim Newell, the English trumpeter and his South African wife, who are linked to a prophetic vision of breakthrough that was released when he played ‘Amazing Grace’ at It’s Time Pretoria. Prophetic counsellor Brigette Marx, who had an open vision while Dan trumpeted at the prayer day, says the couple’s marriage has prophetic significance for SA.

Multitudes of people who attended the recent It’s Time prayer day in Pretoria were blessed by the playing of two verses of Amazing Grace by English professional trumpeter Dan Newell.

There was also an air of mystery around his performance, as Angus Buchan shared that Newell had come out from England at his own expense and was flying back to London on the same day that he had arrived.

The significance of the beautiful trumpet playing rose to a whole new level this week when Pretoria prophetic counsellor Brigette Marx shared a vision she had at the prayer venue as Newell played, and her revelation that his playing of Amazing Grace at that time and that place had released a significant spiritual breakthrough for South Africa.

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Gateway News spoke to Newell in London yesterday and asked him for his side of his Amazing Grace experience. Our emailed questions and his emailed answers are published below.

1. Flying from England to South Africa to play your trumpet briefly at the It’s Time event, and then flying back to England on the same day you arrived, is quite an unusual undertaking. Why did you do it?

I had a tight window, so could only come to South Africa for a very short time. I spoke with Uncle Angus about coming to play back in August and immediately knew I had to be there. I felt a real urgency and that I needed to be obedient to God.

I suppose on paper it looked quite an unusual thing to do — flying 9 000km to play two verses of Amazing Grace! I knew it was more than that — I wanted to support Uncle Angus and there was no way I could miss it. I just had to be there, to do my bit and trust the Lord for whatever he wanted to use me to do.

The fact that I was able to come out was a miracle in itself. My job is now playing in the orchestra at the Royal Opera House. I had to be released from one of the biggest operas we are doing this season. When asking some of my friends if they thought it was possible that I would be released from the Friday 26th October concert, my question was met by either shock or hysterical laughter.

I prayed about it and went to speak to the musical director. I told him it was something I really wanted to do and that I would never have the opportunity to play to so many people this side of Revelation! He released me from the concert and ROH were very supportive and encouraged me to go.

There were other tests the weeks leading up to It’s Time:
I had a big cold sore pop up on my lips (right where I play) and could hardly play a note.
I was asked to do sessions with a high profile band which I had to turn down.
I also had to get out of playing for Prince Charles’s Birthday concert at Buckingham Palace.
I knew I had to be in Pretoria for It’s Time on 27th October and that was all I could think about – I wanted to serve our King.

2. What did you personally experience through your participation in the event?

It was incredible and my experience seems to keep growing each day – hearing about what is happening as a result of millions of people meeting to pray. I feel so privileged to have been able to serve the Lord in this way.

While I was waiting in the wings of the stage – about 5 minutes before I went on to play — I had an encounter with God. I felt the Holy Spirit tell me that all the hours I have practised, every concert and experience I have ever had throughout my playing career, was for this very moment.

To put this in context, I have been playing since the age of five and professionally for 20 years. I have never had this feeling ever before. For sure, I have felt that certain gigs have been important but not the feeling that it has all been for this very moment.

Even at that time, five minutes before I had to play, it didn’t make complete sense why I was there but that’s the exciting thing when you trust God.

3. What do you feel about Brigette Marx’s angelic vision while you played Amazing Grace and her prophetic revelation that you, as a descendant of British colonialists, played a key part in a spiritual breakthrough for South Africa?

I actually find it too much to comprehend — that God would use me for such an important role.
Brigette Marx’s prophetic revelation is an amazing prophecy that makes sense in the heavenlies — Ephesians 6 v12.

At the time I had no idea of the impact that playing Amazing Grace would have. My prayer beforehand was to bless the people, make a spiritual impact and glorify the name of God. It’s an honour to have been used as an instrument to assist that change. To God be the Glory…Amen Amen AMEN!

4. Your wife Kim is a South African. Tell us a little more about yourselves.

We’ve been married for nearly 11 years and have three gorgeous children. We live in North London and worship at Hillsong, Central London.

Kim has always been so supportive of everything I’ve done and has been a constant encouragement to me. The kids were on half term during It’s Time so it was over to Kim to entertain while I was away — it was definitely a team effort!

We’re very blessed to have spent lots of our holidays in South Africa. In fact my little girl was born there. It’s a country we love very much — in fact, Kim says I am more South African then her. ( Where’s the biltong?!!!….Ha!!!)

This country has had my heart — long before I even met Kim. I remember being a young boy and being fascinated with South Africa. Little did I know it was the place that, one day, I would want to call home.


  1. “this side of Revelation” cute n smart at the same time… God bless and keep you precious friend.

  2. Diane Hounsom Wampach

    Reading this brings tears to my eyes, tugs on my heart, what a King we serve, is all I can say!! Humbled by this man’s obedience too, may the Lord use him mightily for His Glory

  3. God bridged / repaired / removed a divide in SA when Dan played Amazing Grace.
    The history between SA and Britain, and even inbSA between English / Afrikaans / Boe, is not a beautiful picture. It is a picture of hatred and bloodshed. In that instant God repaired the relations between His children from these different backgrounds. I believe that in that instant, many repented for the ill feelings they had against brothers and sisters on another continent and even in their own country.
    God’s grace is truly amazing.

  4. Elizabeth Joubert

    Thank you so much. Its amazing that in Cape Town in Melkbos beach we has a Scottish gentleman play Amazing Grace on bagpipes at the same time.

  5. Sonia Odendaal

    Amazing and exciting! God is surely moving and we can look forward to see what He has in store for our country.
    Glory to our God, to Him alone be the glory. we thank God for obedient brothers like Angus Buchan and Dan Newell.

  6. Awesome. God’s grace is sooo amazing. G=God’s

  7. Praise the Lord,when I read this article, it brought me to tears!!! Wonderful – that he was so obedient to God.Thank you also to Angus and all the others for obeying God.

  8. Thank you so much for your obedience!
    Amazing Grace for SA!

  9. Every note you played was perfection, as if from heaven! Thank you for being obedient! We were blessed!!

  10. Ria Aucamp 10 November 2018 at 14.35
    What a Father Who is a Master Planner No One like Him. He loves to surprise His dear children. Thankou for obeying Him

  11. We are in Sutton Coldfield UK my niece inlaw was sent the trumpet call she is searching for God and as she heard she was supernaturally hearing it for hours thand you Lord!!!!

  12. Alistair Gilson

    Thank you Dan for your obedience to God’s. Obedience is better than sacrifice.One day we understand what part your obedience played. I guess it is monumental.God is at work in South Africa His purposes to perform.


  14. Shannon Martens

    Thank-you, Dan, for your obedience to the conviction of the Holy Spirit, & your example of trusting God with the outcome. You were the instrument in God’s Hand & you blessed the whole nation as a result. May you & your family be mightily blessed in return. Shalom.

  15. What a beautiful story of obedience, it’s all about Jesus

  16. Maggie van Rensburg

    What an amazing God we serve!! Thank you Dan for your obedience to Father God, and thank you Kim for releasing him to come. It was powerful!! And the prophetic word afterwards is so on time! Only God could do that!!

  17. Joan Raubenheimer

    God is GOED en getrou! Dit moes in die gees gebeur. . .PRYS DIE HERE????

  18. Although I was unable to be at ” It’s Time Pretoria”, I felt something HUGE has been broken in the Spiritual world. Some years ago I read the books by Denise Woods ” Reaping the Wirlwind of National Idolatry” and the negative spiritual context that has been created over South Africa. I feel this has all been broken and the floodgates of Heaven are now being openned.

  19. Dan you are a man after God’s own heart, at the event I was moved to tears ! And the Holy Spirit ministered in my own life when you trumpeted Amaizing Grace, for me to make peace with my fellow South Africans ! I believe you were obedient for a time as this. Be blessed young man for God be all the glory for ever and ever Amen !

  20. The roses was lucky against the boks last weekend and we were so lucky to have you here with us.May God bless you.

  21. The sound coming from that trumpet was astounding. I have never heard a trumpet blown with such perfection. Fantastic.

  22. I was not able to be at the Pretoria meeting but prayed with friends. Watching the recording onTBN

    • Sorry, half a message before….on watching Its Time, when the trumpet began playing Amazing Grace, the whole atmosphere changed and the world became still.

  23. Todah Rabbah (Thx BIG) for God’s AMAZING GRACE & your obedience!!!

  24. Thanks.That you listen for JESUS.

  25. Timothy van Zijl

    Only Father could’ve done all that happened @ Its Time thank you to the leadership and all who we’re obedient to Father’s call and Yeshua’s Restoration and the Gentle leading of the Ruach……. The playing of amazing grace was ordained by Father thank you Dan for your obedience.

  26. Dan.I attended the It is time event on the 27th.I worked as a volunteer in the medical tent.And even though i was not able to follow the entire event, I heard you play. I was facing several trials in my life at that stage, but this one song. The Holy Spirit reminded me of the miracle I experienced in 2008. I had a brainsurgery. And my testimony’s title was”Amazing Grace”. There I was reminded, I am not alone. Praise the Lord.