If My people will humble themselves and pray…

Defending family, faith and freedom

On Tues 18 March at 8pm on TBN Africa, “Watchmen on the Wall” features a debate on corruption with officials from the ANC, DA, ACDP, EFF and Agang at the Unashamedly Ethical Conference in Cape Town.

Public and private sector corruption presents the greatest threat to South Africa’s future success. Billions of tax-payer rands are either stolen or squandered on fruitless and wasteful expenditure.

Hardly a week goes by without the media reporting yet another government official involved in fraud, theft or misappropriation of tax-payer funds. Corruption is slowly crippling SA’s economy.

Alarmingly, government officials like former Minister of Communications, Dina Pule who was found guilty of corruption are usually given a slap on the wrist and rewarded for their criminal activity. Despite gross mismanagement and fraud, Dina Pule is included on the ANC’s list for Parliament.

Reports in the media indicate that corruption and mismanagement of public funds is rampant in government. Public Services Minister, Lindewe Sisulu blew R11 million on private jets.

Then there is Fisheries Minister, Tina Joemat-Pettersson who is the subject of a damning report from Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela – who appears to be the busiest public official in SA.

The last report to Parliament by the Auditor General indicated that R30 Billion of tax-payer funds disappeared into a black hole through fruitless and wasteful expenditure in government departments.

The unrestrained looting of tax-payer funds will not cease until the South African electorate makes decisive decisions about their future, their family’s future and the future of the nation.

When government officials like Dina Pule, Tina Joemat-Petersen and many others get away with blatant corruption because of their political connections in the ruling party – the poor and the marginalised in society stand very little chance of improving their living standards.

Most South Africans are not even aware of the gravity of the situation. Corruption – like an unseen cancer is slowly eating away at the nation’s future hopes, potential and prosperity.

Much of the endemic corruption undermining the nation’s progress has not yet been exposed.

South Africa is currently Africa’s largest economy. However, many analysts believe we will lose this pivotal leadership role on the continent as a result of rampant and unrestrained corruption.

The democratic system will present the SA electorate with a critical opportunity to change course on 7 May 2014. If we fail to stem the tide of corruption this year – the future will be uncertain.

The Body of Christ will play a critical role in the destiny of South Africa. You and I can use our vote to alter the course of this nation. But we also have a much greater source of power to appeal to.

Christians will have to snap out of their apathy to fully utilise the power God has placed at our disposal. The power of prayer can alter the destiny of this nation – if Christians dare to pray!

2 Chron 7:14 was declared repeatedly at the Unashamedly Ethical Conference on 7 March. “If my people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face…”

Unrestrained corruption can destroy a nation. But unrestrained and relentless prayer can stop the devourer in its tracks. Please pray without ceasing for SA’s future and vote your values on 7 May.

Errol Naidoo

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