Imprisoned pastor remembered on 1000th day behind bars in Iran

A prayer vigil in Washington to mark Pastor Saeed Abedini’s 1000th day in jail in Iran.

Originally posted in CBN

Pastor Saeed Abedini has been imprisoned in Iran for his Christian faith for 1 000 days, on June 23.

To commemorate the day, supporters of the imprisoned pastor gathered in Washington, DC, to host a prayer vigil and to place a thousand flowers in front of the Capitol. The tribute is in honor of Saeed and other Christians around the world being persecuted for their faith.

“We can’t forget, we need to pray and to remember and that’s what we’re doing here,” Rev. Robert Schenck, minister to top government officials in DC, said.

A thousand days have gone by since Saeed, an Iranian American, has been separated from his wife and two children. During the last few months,multiple reports have surfaced claiming Saeed is being brutally assualted by fellow inmates in prison.

Rev Patrick Mahoney, lead pastor at Church on the Hill, emphasised the urgency for Saeed to be released before a nuclear deal is signed with Iran.

“We cannot move forward with an Iranian nuclear deal while Pastor Saeed sits in prison as well as three other Americans,” he said.

Mahoney also called upon Christians around the world to come together in prayer.

“Pray for Saeed and his family, pray for safety for our brothers and sisters around the world, and also pray for our elected officials and President Obama that they would not be silent,” Mahoney urged. “We believe that as Christians pray around the world, we can see Pastor Saeed’s release.”

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