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Christianity rapidly growing in oppressive Iran

Originally published in CBN NEWS. Despite an Islamic government that systematically harasses and imprisons Christian converts and indoctrinates its youth into Islam, Christianity is growing at unprecedented rates in Iran. Islamic Clerics are warning against the spread of Christianity, authorities are routinely targeting house churches, and conversion to Christianity is […]

Iran’s supreme leader approves sentencing of Christian pastor without court hearing

Originally published in Persecution.org Pastor Matthias Hagnejad found that his five-year prison sentence was upheld after Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamanei, gave the judges reviewing his verdict special permission to bypass court procedures. The sentence was issued after he had been convicted for “acting against national security”. Pastor Matthias was […]

Netanyahu: Israel stopped airplane terror attacks in Europe

Originally published in Breaking Israel News On Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a group of ambassadors from several of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) countries that Israeli intelligence had prevented “several dozen major terrorist attacks” on European cities, including some 9-11 type plots that “involved civil aviation”. “When we […]

Protests in Iran: What does it mean?

Anti-government protests in Iran have entered their second week. The Iranian government is a major sponsor of global terrorism and is committed to the destruction of Israel. It is a nuclear threat and a persecutor of Christians. Yet, reportedly Christianity is growing faster in Iran than anywhere else in the […]

Pastor freed in Iran

Originally published in The Christian Telegraph After six years in prison, Pastor Behnam Irani has been released from Ghezel Hesar Prison, and is now free in Iran, Christian Telegraph reports according to ASSIST News Service. “I basically have very little details. He finished serving his sentence and was released. He […]