International boost in battle to defend SA family

Defending family, faith and freedom

On May 11, 2013, Arlene and I depart for Sydney, Australia where we will attend the 7thWorld Congress of Families (WCF) – the largest gathering of pro-family organisations in the world.

World Congress of Families is currently the most influential movement of leading pro-family organisations in the world. Partner members hail from over eighty nations on six continents.

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In March 2013, Family Policy Institute became the first African member of WCF. This is a historic milestone for both FPI and the WCF. FPI’s partnership with WCF provides access to the world’s most prominent pro-family organisations & significantly reinforces our defence of the family.

The World Congress of Families was founded in 1995 as a bulwark against the well-organised & well financed global agenda to deconstruct marriage and redefine the natural family.

Anti-family groups across the globe are uniting behind this godless agenda. That’s why a unified and strategic movement like WCF is vital. We can do more together than on our own.

Plan for African WCF gathering in Cape Town
FPI will be officially welcomed to the global WCF movement in Sydney. My goal is to host the first African World Congress of Families in Cape Town. The Congress gathers leading pro-family activists, scholars, social scientists, legislators, economists & Church leaders for four days.

Please click here to read the latest WCF newsletter including FPI’s new partner profile on page 10.

I am currently engaged in discussions with various Christian leaders to determine our next move against Top TV. The ailing pay-channel lost three more (discovery) channels without warning.

Apparently, the board of “On Digital Media”, the owners of Top TV, voted to accept the offer from Chinese investor, StarTimes. However, the channels rescue appears to be getting more complex.

StarTimes will probably overhaul Top TV to make the business profitable. Significantly however, there is no indication the Chinese group will proceed with the proposed three porn channels.

You and I must maintain the boycott pressure against Top TV. We must send a clear message to their new Chinese investor that proceeding with the three porn channels will spell disaster.

Prayer and public outrage against hard-core pornography on SA television is our greatest weapon!

StarTimes will have to quickly turn the business around – in order to do that, they will have to convince the South African consumer that Top TV is a compelling alternative to DStv.

The porn channel platform on its own cannot sustain Top TV – nor can it make it profitable. They need regular subscribers like you and me to make the business a success.

That means we have the power to determine the outcome. Let’s use that power for the good!

I am also working on the Christian Church’s response to the growing threats against Christian rights, beliefs and freedoms. Please be assured we are making good headway on this front as well.

I will provide a full report about our future plans with the World Congress of Families when we return from Australia on 22 May. I will also update you on other developing issues.

Please keep Arlene and me in your prayers. We hope to bring you a good report from Sydney.


  1. Kenneth Pattison

    We as christians must pray for Errol Naidoo and his family as this man of God who are prepare to stand up and speak up for christian family values we support you all the way blessings pastor Ken

  2. Eric van Rooyen

    I Thank the Lord for people like you, who stand in the’GAP’. May GOD bless and protect you. We will surely pray for you and your family. Eric-soldier for CHRIST

  3. Blessings Pastor Naidoo. You have my support and that of many others.