Is freedom really for all?

Defending family, faith and freedom

Attempts by sexual rights activists to weaken, redefine and even deconstruct the ancient institutions of marriage and the natural family are increasing across the western world.  

Certain sectors of the Christian Church have courageously confronted this threat with commendable grace. But others, have simply conformed to appear accommodating and“progressive.”

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Christians from all walks of life are bullied, vilified and mercilessly persecuted for daring to defend marriage as an exclusive man, woman institution rooted in thousands of years of human history.

Marriage is a creation ordinance designed by a loving God to fulfil the innate needs of men and women. Marriage, therefore, is a cornerstone institution and the glue that holds society together.

The natural family is the most fundamental group unit of society and the only social institution capable of raising, protecting and nurturing children in an environment best suited for their health and welfare.

Study after social study proves that the two-parent biological family is not only the best environment in which to raise children but it is also the most reliable bulwark against poverty and other social ills.  

As a consequence, and in spite of the persecution, it is every Bible believing Christian’s responsibility and duty to defend, protect and strengthen these vital social institutions.

Significantly, the alarming rise in religious intolerance and anti-Christian bigotry is directly related to the Christian citizens Biblical defence of man, woman marriage and the natural family. 

Sexual rights activists and other anti-Christian bigots are cunningly using Chapter 9 Institutions like the ‘Human Rights Commission’ and the ‘Commission For Gender Equality’ to harass & bully Christians into submission. These institutions – meant to enhance democracy – are being used to destroy it. 

The protection of religious freedoms in SA – especially the freedom to believe the Bible – has become the most critical battle for the Christian Church if it hopes to maintain its prophetic witness to society.

Sexual rights activists don’t like what the Bible says about the sanctity of life and sexual sin – so they simply use democratic institutions to deny Christians their free speech and shut down debate.

Religious intolerance and especially anti-Christian bigotry should be a major concern for every Christian citizen in South Africa. Anti-Christian activists are using apartheid-era tactics to demonise Christians who uphold the authority of Scripture. Simply believing the Bible makes you a criminal. 

The South African Government is complicit in attacks against religious citizens. Government ministers have instructed the SAHRC to investigate (and punish) Christian ministries for their Biblical beliefs.

This year alone saw several investigations against Pastors, Churches, Christian owned businesses and training facilities etc, for daring to believe, teach and live their Biblical convictions and beliefs.

Religious freedom is critical in a just, free and equitable society. People are free to make their own sexual choices. However, people must be equally free to disagree with those choices.

Silencing and vilifying those who disagree with you is not fair debate. It does however, undermine democracy and drag the nation back to the dark days of apartheid. True freedom must be for all!


Errol Naidoo

PS: “Watchmen on the Wall” programs will resume on “Faith Broadcasting Network” DStv channel 341 on Tuesday, Nov 18 at 8pm. Please tune in for the “God’s Not Dead” Conference.

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  1. Seems like South Africa is following the USA and Europe into the dark abyss of right for the aberrant only, and no rights for normal, decent people!