ISIS: The Heart of Terror — Book review

isis the heart of terrorBook Review by Val Viljoen

Author: Eugene Bach

Recently I read on Facebook someone’s opinion that time reading about ISIS could be better spent reading the bible. As I was reading my second book about this heinous organisation at the time, I pondered this for a while. I believe reading scripture should be of the highest priority in any Christian’s life. But while we are in this world seeking to partner with Father God in bringing about His Kingdom, isn’t it important to arm ourselves with knowledge and understanding of such an influential and destructive phenomenon?

The answer to this question lies in what we do with this information; how it impacts our lives. Does it drive us towards paralysing fear and negativity or does it challenge and inspire us to be part of the solution — and remember as prayer warriors (that’s you and me!) we always have that option.

When I reviewed ‘Isis in Crisis’ recently, I recommended it as an informative read which rightly referred to scripture in attempting to interpret ‘the signs of the times’. Now reading ISIS: THE HEART OF TERROR has added further depth to my grasp of ISIS — context, history, goals, strategies as well as magnitude of funding, resources and reach.
Of course it is a frightening picture. But what makes this book in my view a ‘must read’ are the last two chapters.
Here we read of a Chinese Christian missionary organisation called ‘Back to Jerusalem’. that has seen the opportunities for mission in the Middle East and has been operational in three spheres. The first is that of seeing to the phyical needs of refugees. The second is ministering to and evangelising these groups of people who are hungry for hope. The third is the most fascinating of all. The organisation has been convicted to take the hope of the gospel to ISIS members themselves; this is mainly done with innovative technology and also through business.

Knowing of the endeavors of other Christians can encourage us and give us hope for the future. It also enables us to pray meaningfully in support of their work. I can heartily recommend reading this book if you want information that allows you to be part of the solution to this disturbing issue.

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