Israeli singer lifts protester on SA stage, hands her to security

 Israeli singer Yaniv D’Or picked up a protester who came on stage at an Israel Independence Day concert in Johanessburg and handed her to security.

The protester was one of two who came on stage yesterday (April 17) while D’Or was singing at a concert titled “The Miracle of Israel: A Symphonic Celebration.” D’Or gave the protester to members of the Community Security Organisation who had climbed the steps of the stage and waited in the wings.

“They mustn’t mess with us,” one Israeli was heard to remark. “In Israel we have reason to be nervous, but here they are scared of us.”

Earlier, two protesters who were shouting and behaving raucously were ejected.

The concert, featuring the Johannesburg Festival Orchestra led by Israeli maestro David Sebba, had started hours late because a pro-Palestinian demonstration snarled traffic. Palestinian sympathizers lined the streets outside Gold Reef City holding placards proclaiming “Apartheid: South Africa’s history, Palestine’s current reality” and other anti-Israel slogans.

Some 16 pro-Palestinian organizations backed the protest, including the Congress of South Africa Trade Unions and the South Africa Communist Party, which belong to the ruling tripartite alliance in South Africa with the African National Congress.

It was the second time in a month that pro-Palestinian groups had tried to disrupt an event with Israeli participants.


  1. The behavior of the ‘anti-Israel brigade’ sadly shows their mentality and what really drives them. Please understand, my Israeli friends, they are not representative of South Africans as a whole. We as a Nation have and always will stand by Israel. Shalom

  2. I am a previously disadvantaged South African. I hated whites, especially afrikaans speaking whites. I’ve watched a few doccies on various tv channels. I DO understand the Palestinians dilemma/situation. There is still racialism in South Africa and it will probably always be there despite its diminishing form. Apartheid and oppression in our land was, and is evil and never in the will and purpose of God. The Jews were lead and taken to the promised land by the one and only true God, creator of the heavens and earth, through His promise/covenant with the Jewish patriachs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This very God who came to man in the flesh through Jesus, as prophesied about in the old testament and the last old testament prophet in John the baptist…. died on the cross as a living sacrifice through the purpose and will of God. As a person who lived under oppression and apartheid for not being white, what do I say about the Palestanian plight ? Well, again I say, apartheid South Africa was wrong and evil. To say that the Jews are the oppressors in all of Isreal ? It may appear as such. But the Jewish nation in Israel is still in covenant with Almighty God concerning the promised land which is Isreal. God himself said to the Jews to go and posess the land. To possess means to “have power over”. So these Jewish settlers have been given power and authority. Not by man, but by God himself. Aren’t we all human and created by this same God ? Then why this unfairness where the Jews simply arrived from Pharoah’s Egypt and possess the land. That is why this question should be put to the one true God. It is He that started it all. Well, I will never question or challenge God about why did He covenant with the Jews on the promised land. What about the killings and forced removals of the Palestinians ? Each Jew will be held to account for his or her actions before God Almighty. It is not for me to judge for I am but a man. Do I turn a blind eye to the oppression of the Palestinians. No, no and again I say, no ! God opened the door for the Jewish settlers and I will not even think or attempt to close that door, because to do so, is rebellion against God. Let God be the judge, THE Righteous Judge He surely is.

  3. That same God JAHWE that send the Jews to the promise land send religious people from Europe to Africa, Americas etc to proclaim His name. Apartheid can`t get the slap for everything that went wrong,people can still decide for themself. To say you hate whites because of apartheid is hate speach! Tribes of Juda and Levi(modern Israel)good for you, I can see God`s hand in your country, can say them same of the oppressed new South-Africa.

  4. Fred, I feel so sorry for you. Im a White, Afrikaans speaking woman, with a love in my heart for all people on earth, no matter what colour they are. When the love of Jesus come into your heart, you do not see the difference between people.