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SA Friends of Israel denounces UN report blaming Israel for conflict with Palestinians

‘Apartheid’ label has become antisemitic tool, says Olga Meshoe-Washington South African Friends of Israel (SAFI) published an open letter this week denouncing the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Commission of Inquiry (COI) report that blamed Israel’s “perpetual occupation” for the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians. In the letter, addressed to […]

The battle against Israel: bringing light to minds darkened by lies — Vivienne Myburgh

Hamas, an organisation whose official manifesto includes a pledge to obliterate Israel, kill Jews and reject negotiation has once again got a free pass from mainstream media, big tech social media, the UN, and the South African government for its latest indiscriminate, murderous attacks on Israeli civilians. Israel’s defence of […]

ACDP disappointed at ‘biased’ UN condemnation of Israel for defending itself against attacks

The ACDP  is disappointed by the United Nations General Assembly’s biased resolution passed on Wednesday, condeming Israel for defending itself against Hamas-led attacks from the Gaza strip, says ACDP MP and international relations spokesperson Cheryllyn Dudley. She said the resolution condemning Israel for excessive violence against Palestinians in recent weeks, […]