Anti-Semitism at UK labour conference a warning — Charles Gardner

Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn at the annual Labour Conference. (PHOTO: Danny Lawson)

On the day we heard news of the killing of three Israelis by a Palestinian gunman in the West Bank, the UK media was also reporting on anti-Semitic ‘bullets’ being fired at the annual conference of Her Majesty’s official Opposition.

Anti-Israel sentiment has been simmering in Britain’s Labour Party ever since hard-leftist Jeremy Corbyn took over as leader two years ago.

He had earlier promised to deal with it, but little if anything has been done and things got out of hand in Brighton, an otherwise gentle seaside resort designed for rest and refreshment.

Supporters of Israel likened to Nazis
Amid reports of intimidation of a leading BBC correspondent, activists applauded panellists at a fringe meeting who likened supporters of Israel to Nazis. Delegates even demanded expulsion from the party of the Jewish Labour Movement and Labour Friends of Israel — one speaker suggested Labour should be free to debate whether the Holocaust had happened!

Clearly, anti-Semitism is still a big problem in Mr Corbyn’s party more than a year after he pledged to get to grips with the issue. Even the chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party, John Cryer, said he had tweets from party members which made his hair stand on end and were “redolent of the 1930s”.

All the more shocking is the fact that, until recently, Labour has been the ‘natural’ party for Britain’s 290 000 Jews — but no longer. So what has happened? Well, it was also once the natural party for Methodists and other non-conformist Christians who had emerged from the awakening of biblical truths following the Reformation sparked by Martin Luther 500 years ago.

After all, Labour was founded on the Christian ethics of men like Keir Hardie who were keen to translate the good neighbourliness and social justice taught by the gospel into the lives of ordinary working people. Indeed, members still pride themselves on being ‘caring’ individuals, which is one reason, no doubt, why minorities such as the Jewish community felt at home among them. But in reality, the heart and passion of their message has been lost in Marxist dogma and ideology, far removed from the freedom from such ‘slavery’ expressed in the Bible.

God has been thrown out of the party window
Put simply, God has been thrown out of the party window. At the same conference two years ago, Corbyn said he wanted a ‘kinder politics’, but instead we have a bunch of bully-boys replicating the behaviour of the Palestinian Authority brainwashing their children to hate Jews.

Born into the caring world of Christianity, Labour has brought much good to society — most notably through the National Health Service which became the envy of the world — but have made the disastrous mistake of devouring the hand that has fed them (ideologically speaking). Worst of all, they have turned on the nation that brought God to the world, specifically through the Bible and the Jewish Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ!

And in berating Zionists as Nazis, they are ridiculously misinformed. For example, Israeli search-and-rescue teams are helping island communities shattered by the recent hurricanes, and their medics are tending to the wounds of those caught up in the Syrian civil war. In fact, dozens of Syrian civilians have written letters of gratitude to Israel and its defence forces. One Syrian woman (27) wrote: “We thought that Israel was our enemy, but we realised that it’s good to us. I want to thank the hospitals in Israel and the Israeli army for all its help to the … Syrian children.”
A married man (30) wrote: “After seven years of revolution in which we have lost lives and blood, there was nowhere for the wounded Syrians to go and receive treatment. I am grateful to the State of Israel for the help it provided to all the wounded people of Syria.”

Was this how Nazis behaved in World War II?

Targets of anti-Semitism
Conservative MP Andrew Percy, who has also been a target of anti-Semitism, said of the shenanigans in Brighton: “What we are seeing is really dangerous. … There is a cult of personality around Jeremy Corbyn that will not allow any questioning of him or his views. It is deeply sinister, nasty and quite frightening.”

Another Tory MP, Sheryll Murray, had swastikas daubed on her general election posters earlier this year.

These are the antics that remind us of Nazism, not the perfectly reasonable aspirations of Zionists seeking to secure the world’s only refuge for the Jewish people.

What we are seeing, in fact, is a somewhat confusing ideological alliance been the Marxist-orientated hard left and the anti-Semitic rhetoric of the far-right Islamists who wish to drive Israel into the sea. Whatever you care to call this mishmash of dogmas, they reflect long discredited old-style totalitarian regimes in which no other view is tolerated outside of what is judged to be politically correct.

Lack of tolerance becoming endemic
This lack of tolerance is becoming endemic on our university campuses and is extremely worrying for the future of our democracy, with a vast swathe of young people very nearly sending Jeremy Corbyn — ‘friend’ of Palestinian terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah — to No 10 Downing Street.

Is this the kind of Orwellian police state the millennials really want? When will we wake up and smell the coffee?

The God-haters are on the march; they’ve already dismantled the banners of truth and justice that launched the Labour movement, and decent people across the country sit idly by letting it all happen.

Journalists have joked about the way in which much of our youth have heaped Messiah-like status on Jeremy Corbyn, and even remarked on the fact he has the same initials as Jesus Christ. The trouble is that it’s not funny.

It’s so obvious that we need to restore the place of God in our society. Have we not learnt any lessons from the disastrous experiments of China, the Soviet Union, Venezuela and North Korea? Apparently not, because — in the very English, gentrified surroundings of Brighton, a Soviet-style UK is assembling before our very eyes.

God help us! And I mean, only God can help us!

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  1. As it is written….Jesus wins. Thanks for sharing this story. I sadly have friends in the UK who are accurately described in this article as supports of Corbyn….