Benny Hinn and ex-wife set remarriage date

Benny and Suzanne Hinn

Originally published in Charisma News

Benny Hinn and his ex-wife, Suzanne, have set the date for their remarriage, which will take place this fall at the church where they were first joined 33 years ago.

The wedding is scheduled for Friday evening, October 26, in the sanctuary at Calvary Assembly in Winter Park, Fla.

Approximately 600 people attended a public meeting held at Calvary on Monday night in which the Hinns made their official announcement.

Jack Hayford, whom Hinn said has “been overseeing the restoration” of the couple’s marriage, will perform the ceremony.

The Hinns were married in 1979 in what is now Calvary’s Family Life Center. Suzanne is the daughter of Roy Harthern, who served as the lead pastor at Calvary Assembly from 1970 to 1981.

With Suzanne by his side, Hinn told Pat Robertson this week on The 700 Club that the couple is “more in love now than ever.” The Hinns were divorced in 2010 after 30 years of marriage.

“You wake up to the fact that you need your wife, and she wakes up to the fact that she needs her husband,” Benny Hinn said. “My fault and my mistake is that I became so involved with the ministry that I was not really paying attention to Suzanne and the struggles she was going through emotionally.

“I have always loved this girl and she has always loved me. We never broke the covenant. Our marriage has been restored. We just want to make sure that we don’t repeat the same mistakes.”

Hinn’s ministry takes him around the world for crusades. Suzanne confirmed to Robertson that she would be traveling with her husband from now on.

Suzanne said she believes Hinn is a changed man.

“I like the Benny that I am seeing now,” she told Robertson. “A lot of times, the husband who is a pastor is protecting the congregation but not praying for his wife or his family. It opens the wife up for attacks. It’s actually easier for the Lord to be your husband. He has been mine for 2 1/2 years.”

During their married years, Hinn told Robertson that he frequently conveyed to his wife and four children that the pecking order in their household was “God, ministry and then family.” That dynamic has been changed.

“I was wrong in teaching my family that,” he said. “I am now teaching God, family and then ministry.”

While Hinn said he would continue to minister to and bring healing to the sick, he will stress a new facet of ministry in his crusades.

“We believe that God will use us to bring healing to families that are needing wholeness and healing,” he said. “Pray for us that the Lord will use us better than ever.”


  1. This is the best news coming forth.It shuts the mouths of our critic and inspires other christians in similar situations to draw encouragement from this faith step.We have a ministry of reconciliating and this is a great platform to inspire others.
    God bless you.

  2. You do realize that this man has prayed to Kathryn Kuhlman at her grave (Deuteronomy 18:11)

    Her claims to have recieved the Rod of Elijah, which in short means he is The Second coming of Elijah, or Jesus if you will.

    This man spews Word of Faith heresies and has been caught out on fake healings.

    He is also guilty of numourous False Prophecies.


    • I am failing to understand where you are coming from regarding this article Mark. You asking why Gateway News wrote this story? Firstly this site publishes Christian news and news from a Christian perspective. The last time I checked Benny Hinn was a Christian and a prominent one for that matter. Whether you agree with his doctrine or not is not the issue. The issue is he is that he is a newsmaker. His divorce made news and therefore his remarriage is bound to make news as well. This article did not take a slant of being for or against the Hinns but simply published the facts. Your personal views on Benny Hinn should not detract from the fact that he is known worldwide as representing the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. If he is misrepresenting it then that is a matter between him and God. You cannot pretend of dismiss the fact that countless souls have been through his ministry – however contreversial that ministry might be. Many of us manage just to win a handful of people to the Lord in our lifetime. Linking this story to the one about the campaign against Lady Gaga is another confusing thing for me. It is not this site that is mounting a campaign against Lady Gaga but the site is simply reporting on the campaign. The campaign is done by concerned Christians and so for Gateway News this constitutes Christian news or news from a Christian perspective. Again whether or not you differ with the merits of this campaign does not take away the fact that this is a newsworthy item. By the way, I would rather listen to Benny Hinn than Lady Gaga and if I could also do what they did in Indonesia I would stop this woman from performing in my country. Sometimes Muslims and others have more moral sense than we do.

  3. We should always be glad when a divorced couple marry each other again. It is good that he is re-prioritising his life. When he says “We never broke the covenant” how does he explain the fact that they divorced? It would seem he has not faced up to the seriousness of their divorce. If he undid God’s joining-work in marriage, how could he have continued ministering in God’s name? Surely true remorse would show itself in withdrawing from public Christian ministry at least for a season. Is it not likely that a Prosperity-centred heart and ministry would find it hard to let go of the material affluence his ‘ministry’. generates? A Christ-like humility and biblical template for his ministry would sort out these negatives and those mentioned by Mark.

    • Hugh I agree with you that ministers should refrain from ministry when faced with such a difficulty in their lives. Especially when it is this very prominent and public ministry that has contributed to the breakdown of the marriage. It is confusing to hear that someone divorced the previous week and then the next you see him/her on Christian TV preaching the gospel. It does not augur well for our witness.