JASA launches online anti-corruption campaign

exposeitThe Justice Alliance of South Africa has launched a website www.ExposeIt.org.za where the public can report any sort of bribery and corruption.

The development follows a charitable grant received by JASA in December last year to set up and operate a new website to report bribery and corruption, and ensure that prosecutions take place, it says in a press release.

“As a legal organisation we are equipped to liaise with the Hawks, Crime Intelligence and the National Prosecuting Authority to ensure cases are prosecuted whenever there is appropriate evidence. JASA is entirely independent of Government. We are an NGO and NPO,” says JASA.

The public are invited through to report any sort of bribery or corruption via the website:   www.ExposeIt.org.za      or via the free USSD number *134*1105# on any cell phone. Or join us on  www.facebook.com/exposeitsa or www.twitter.com/exposeitsa.

“The ExposeIt Team of lawyers and experts are equipped to investigate every report. Your response will help us to identify ‘hot-spots’ such as government offices. The Hawks will take undercover action to expose those involved…..we need every citizen to think defeating corruption, and be part of this new initiative. Every eye-witness report may count. Our lawyers will ensure prosecutions are brought wherever the evidence is sufficient. Convictions will follow. Criminals will be deterred. But we can’t do it without the public getting behind ExposeIT.

“We welcome reports with as much detail as possible to enable us to investigate and evaluate the evidence.

“For those who prefer not to be identified, anonymous reports are also very valuable to enable us to identify hot-spots of corruption.”

The project has the support of the Head of Anti-Corruption for the W Cape, the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions for the W Cape and senior officers from the Hawks and Crime Intelligence.

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  1. certain officials chose to ignore childs testimony of abuse to target a teacher…ect…