Jesus take the wheel: Gauteng trip: week 1 — Julita Kok

Julita Kok reports on her latest road trip with Jesus — this time to Gauteng

I had such an awesome journey with God on my way to Johannesburg. When I left Cape Town, I felt that I wanted to travel via Kimberley and not Bloemfontein as I normally do. I have not been to Kimberley in 40 years, but somehow I felt that this is what I wanted to do.

So I arrive in Kimberley and at that exact moment my phone rings. A gentleman from Namibia asking me where I am right now. When I answered Kimberley, he says…. “I will call right back”. A few moments later, my phone rings and it is a lady from Kimberley asking if we can meet for coffee quickly. This Namibian guy just called her and said she needs to drop everything she is doing and meet with me right now. I could make an easy u-turn and I met her in a coffee shop. And what a divine appointment. Oh my!! God is such a God of detail and individuals. She needs to write a book, but somehow just cannot get to it. I of course have never met her and know nothing. But before I left CapeTown, a cd of my daughter fell off the bookshelf and as I put it back, God said: “No, take it with you”. So I put it in the little shelf in my car door.

Kimberley (PHOTO:}

Sitting with this lady, she randomly says… “I need to get a cd from you”. I am used to strange so I knew…. the cd from the shelf now in my car. Long story short, I prophesied concerning her book and gave her the cd.

That same day I received a message from her telling me that the cd so inspired her, she started with her book. I had to make a detour via Kimberley because God wanted to inspire someone to start writing and the writing will bring forth healing to this lady as she writes. Such a loving, caring God.

Also received a phone call from a lady in Klerksdorp, asking me if I could come stay over with them. Never met her, but Klerksdorp was on the way to JHB from Kimberley and I knew….. God appointment and indeed it was. People entering a new season of their lives and God just wanted to tell them: “I am also in this season of your lives”. So amazing to me how He directs our paths. I always tell Him that He is in charge of logistics and my diary and He always takes care of it, just as I have seen on this journey to Joburg again.

So upon my arrival in Joburg, I had an appointment with a couple who was referred to me by a friend from America. This was an absolute amazing experience to both me and the couple.

You know….. we as Christians are so protected and because of this, we do not realise it. It is our “normal”. But out there in the world, it is a jungle without the protection of God. Kids raised in families who do not serve God or tell their kids about Jesus, have no protection whatsoever. Open targets to the enemy. And this was the family I had to minister to.

It was the first time in my life I heard a confession of people asking forgiveness for serving other gods. Not idols, other gods. And they truly meant other gods. I usually meet with Christians and some of them have derailed, but here was a couple who actually served other gods and not our Father and His son Jesus. They did not even know Jesus. And they had a demonic presence in their house that influenced their child in a very bad way.

I sat with them for three days and it was wonderful to explain the Gospel to them. From Adam to now and when they realised what Jesus did and why….. oh my…. I cried as if I myself heard it for the first time. Just to see how they received His love. They were seeking all their lives in all the places they could find….. Buddhism, New Age, the occult (all of it), Hinduism and religions I have never even heard of and in all of this, there was no one who taught them about Jesus. But in a dream, she was reminded of a cousin of hers in America and when she reached out to him for help, he shared about Jesus and referred them to me. What a journey this was to lead them to repentance and accept Jesus and clean their house. This was a big job.

Burning the junk

And the day after we burned everything and had communion together, she shared that for the first time in two years that her child had slept right through the night without waking up. The joy and the peace they felt overwhelmed them and for the first time, the husband took up his role as head of the house. It was beautiful to see. I would appreciate your prayers for this family as they now need to find a place where they can belong and be looked after. And just be loved.

I am leaving for Mpumalanga tomorrow where I will spend the weekend and see what God has planned there. But so far, I experience that people in Johannesburg sure need God as well. Their lives are soooo busy and filled with so many things that are arranged and organised to keep everyone happy, that I wonder when they have time to just be quiet. But …. it does not take a city or a busy life to get to that. All of us should be aware of being too busy. So here I am…. not on a trip where I sleep over in a different bed every night, but I could unpack my suitcase. But I still found that people everywhere, even though it might look like their lives are sorted….. are in need of knowing God intimately and to hear His voice. And this is what I am currently telling people…. it is not a religion to serve God, it is a relationship and an intimate one as it is so personal and this changes everything. You do not serve Him because you want to go to heaven; you serve Him because you love Him and heaven is a bonus. You get to understand that HE is your inheritance and in Him is everything.

So let me prepare for Mpumalanga and see what God has planned for the weekend.

“In Him I live and move and have my being!!”

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  1. As God is clearly blessing others through your ministry, may you blessed with a continuous awareness that God’s hand is upon you, and may this bring you abundant joy. You are upheld in prayer!