Judeo-Christian order or secular-humanist chaos!

Defending family, faith and freedom

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng’s remarks at the “African Law and Religion Conference” at Stellenbosch University recently appear to have ruffled the feathers of anti-Christian bigots.

The liberal media wasted no time vilifying Mogoeng by distorting his comments and portraying him as a religious nut intent on dragging South Africa’s “progressive” society back to the stone-age.

This is nothing new. Homosexual activists and their allies in the liberal media launched a scathing attack against Mogoeng’s nomination in 2011 when they discovered his Christian beliefs.

In Feb 2013 I interviewed Chief Justice Mogoeng on “Watchmen on the Wall.” View program Here.

The comments that got secular humanists frothing at the mouth were Mogoeng’s conviction that “the law must frown upon fornication, adultery and divorce.” Sexual sin is a major contributor to divorce, family breakdown, crime, violence and the spread of deadly sexually transmitted disease.

Religious citizens represent more than 80 percent of the SA population. Despite this, South Africa’s Constitution and policy development is dominated by liberal secular humanistic ideology.

Minority dictates
In other words, a small minority of secular humanists currently dictate social policy in South Africa – while flatly ignoring the traditional values of the overwhelming majority of the population.

The much lauded ultra-liberal SA Constitution has produced a self-centered and morally bankrupt society, hell-bent on satisfying its base instincts at extraordinary social cost.

Secular humanists will stop at nothing to achieve their dream of complete sexual license. The only thing standing in their way is the pesky Judeo-Christian moral value system.

Sexual rights activists & their cheerleaders in the liberal media resent monogamous heterosexual marriage and the natural family because it exemplifies the Creator’s ideal for human sexuality.

Marriage and the natural family and the Judeo-Christian value system that supports it, is the heart and the foundation of every free, stable and prosperous society in human history.

In contrast, the bankrupt ideology of secular humanism has caused nothing but hopelessness, misery and despair. In just 20 years, SA has been reduced to a crime-ridden society in which thousands of women and children are sexually violated annually while most perpetrators walk free.

Babies as young as four months old are raped by adult men and minor children have become sexual predators as a result of exposure to hard-core pornography freely available on the internet.

Out-of-wedlock births have reached crisis proportions among teenage girls. Abortions among teens have also skyrocketing while public educational standards have plummeted consistently.

Marriages and families are disintegrating at an alarming rate with devastating consequences for society because we have surrendered to the godless liberal culture of, “if it feels good – do it!”

The liberal media’s attacks on Chief Justice Mogoeng exposes their intense hatred & irrational fear of the Judeo-Christian value system – a value system that guarantees strong, stable societies.
Incidentally, why are Christians labelled “homophobes and bigots” when they Biblically disagree with homosexuality but anti-Christian hatred and bigotry is called freedom of speech?!

Sexual permissiveness has cost SA dearly. Billions are spent annually on anti-retroviral drugs. Billions more are spent on divorce, abortions, fatherless children & widespread family dysfunction.
When God’s moral laws are rejected for the laws of man – we stand on uncertain ground. The time has come and is now that we return to the firm foundation of God’s value system.



  1. This input plus the recent SABC coverage on this subject, has, hopefully, been a tremendous eye-opener to those who thought that Christians are going to sit down and let the LORD’S WORD be overcome by the world’s secular standards. If only they would be brave enough to “Stand up for Jesus”. There are enough of us to do just that. Courage of our belief is all we need. “But take heart! I have overcome the world” (John16:33)

  2. Can any enlightened person out there explain to me how, in a democracy, 20% of the population ere able to dictate to the other 80%?
    Sure, my God gives everyone freedom of choice – time and again the Scriptures ask us to choose – so I am all in favour of personal freedom. If people wish to fornicate or indulge in homosexual behaviour that is between them and their conscience – and I believe that Scripture allows them that choice (with it’s resulting consequences). However, this does not give them the right to dictate to me – or to the majority who believe otherwise.

  3. People have little self-restraint today and will resist any limits or controls on their licentious behaviour. They jealously defend their ‘sexual licence’ and resent anybody who speaks to the contrary. As Paul wrote to Timothy: ‘For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears’ (2 Timothy 4:3). Unfortunately, promoting this complete ‘sexual licence’ in society makes people pre-occupied with satisfying their fleeting carnal desires and distracts them from pursuing things of lasting value.

  4. Generally I agree with what Errol Naidoo has written here. However, I’d like to see some reliable sources that prove the ‘out-of-wedlock births…among teenage girls’; the ‘abortions among teens…skyrocketing’; the plummeting educational standards’ and the ‘Marriages and families…disintegrating at an alarming rate’.
    I am not disputing these claims, but often when I bring these facts to the attention of other people, I find we need to back up our arguments. People don’t always see how destroying the family has ‘devastating consequences for society’. It’s like we have to explain the obvious to an intelligent, but perverse, secularised generation that is impervious to true teaching.

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