Julita trekking with God again — this time from Cape to Cairo

Earlier this year Julita Kok shared her travel adventures with God in South Africa and Namibia in a series of Jesus Take the Wheel articles in Gateway News. In this report she writes about an upcoming God assignment in which she will travel solo across the length of the African continent in a mission called Kora 2022

If someone told me in my younger days that I would be travelling alone as a single woman from Cape Town all the way to Alexandria in Egypt and then to the most northern tip of Africa in Tunisia, I probably would have laughed in their face. It just sounds so farfetched, and yet, here I am, preparing to do exactly that.

I think I must have signed up for this assignment before the beginning of time, because I did not back down when God told me that this is what He wanted me to do. The assignment fell in my heart and somehow the “jacket” fitted me. It was mine. There was no doubt. It was as if I had been waiting for it all my life, without knowing it.

Being in the music industry, I have been privileged to be part of a few huge events and shows. Big stages. Big budgets.  “Big” names. Two of them were Gathering and Daniel The Musical. Big Budgets. Both of these were extremely stressful.  They cost me a lot. And by cost, I mean cost to myself, my family, personal. 

So while I was doing Daniel the Musical, our lead actor got ill and eventually died. It was horrific. And we were doing all of this in Jerusalem. We were not even on home ground. One morning I phoned my son back in South Africa, crying that I just could not go on. I felt as if I could not put one foot in front of the other anymore. I was so tired, stressed out, and felt as if I had no breath in my lungs. I could not even breathe. And then my son said these profound words.  “Mom, God prepared you for this through Gathering. You received the grace for it. You can do it”. And I knew that he was right. I was prepared for it by all that happened on Gathering. This was even bigger, but I could do it. I answered him…. “If this is true, then what is Daniel preparing me for?”.

Where I am now — preparing to travel into Africa — these words keep playing over and over in my mind for I know this is not going to be a walk in the park. But I also know that God has prepared me for it. Through Gathering and through Daniel The Musical. I met with four gentlemen who have already travelled this Cape to Cairo route and who have all travelled Africa extensively. All of them told me the same thing — it is not going to be easy, but I am going to have the adventure of a lifetime. One sat down with me and said: “Julita, I am going to spend the next hour telling you all the bad things that you can expect on this trip. It is very bad, but please remember, although it is very bad, it is only 5% of your trip”. And they all told me that it will cost. 

With my travels through South Africa and Namibia and also prior to Covid, travelling other countries in the world as the Lord sent me, by experience I know what awaits me. And by that I mean I know that I will not be comfortable. I know I will not always be able to eat what I want or like and that my stomach might be upset; I know that the humidity, the rainy season and the mosquitos are a challenge and not comfortable; I know I will have culture shocks more than once; I know the language barrier might be an issue; I know I will have to face corruption; I know I will have to adhere to Africa time and have lots and lots and lots of patience; I also know that as a woman, I might not be treated as I am used to in my own country. I know all of these things. I also know I will be confronted with poverty and illnesses and many other things I have never seen, but in all of this, I also know I will discover many beautiful things and people.  God in all of this makes all the difference and when HE sends me, I am always at a place of “does anything then actually come at too much cost?” I mean, if you know who God is and you do this for Him, is there anything that can be too much of a cost?? Leaving your family behind?  Being uncomfortable?  Being hot or cold?  No, ten thousand times no!!  It is soooo worth it!

Just to think that He thinks me worthy to be used in His kingdom purposes!! Totally overwhelming to me. And this is the beauty of it all. Each one of us has a part to play. My part for now is to travel Africa and do as He leads; meet the people He brings on my path and just “kuier” (visit) with them around the goodness of God. I know that I will not only connect with Christians. God has Muslims on His heart very much. Jesus died for everybody and I know I will connect with many Muslims on this trip. How awesome to think that He trusts me with His souls! It totally overwhelms me.

The music of Africa
So, let me share just a little on one of the assignments. There is a mandate for this journey and within this mandate there are different assignments. One of these is the music of Africa. I have written on this before, but let me just remind you again. A few years ago I asked the Lord what the mandate is in heaven at that moment and He answered me that it was Africa. This was strange to me and I asked Him why Africa. He replied: “Because Africa knows how to praise.” Did not understand what He meant at all. I mean, I know Africa loves music and we have a beat in Africa, but did not understand the fullness of the statement.

But when Covid and lockdown happened globally and all the nations were affected, I suddenly understood. I understood the fear and the desperation and the feeling of hopelessness the world was suffering and I knew that Jesus was the answer, but how to get this to the world quickly and now? A lot of things happened and I am not going to go into that now, but one of it was Jerusalema. A song from the heart of Africa, bringing joy to the nations of the world in a time of total desperation. Suddenly the whole world was dancing and singing Jerusalema!! Do you understand the significance of this song?? “The joy of the Lord is my strength”. “Put on the garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness”. So many Scriptures I can put down. 

PRAISE is a weapon of our time. Paul and Silas knew it. And praise is not singing fast, vibey songs. Praise is a condition of the heart. It is a frequency that overflows and exits the body through the mouth and movement of the body!! And Africa knows how to praise!!!! Africa has a frequency at this time that can help heal the world. And part of what I am going to do is trust the Holy Spirit to lead me to the people and places and parts of creation where I will discover this frequency (as yet unknown to me) and I will record it and produce it into a digital work to be sent into the earth. I have no idea what this sound is. All I know is that I will recognise it when I hear it and that it will not only come from people. Africa has a sound. The soil, nature, creation!! All of it. I know that God has already gone before me. May I have ears to hear.

And this is the reason why I am calling my journey KORA. Kora is a beautiful harp-like instrument from Africa. It originates from here and you will not see other nationalities use it. It belongs to Africa. It has the sound of Africa. And KORA is also mentioned in the Bible, I found out later.The sons of KORA. So my journey is called KORA. The world calls their journey “Cape to Cairo”, mine is “KORA”.

I will be leaving Cape Town at the end of January 2022. God instructed me to put the whole of 2022 aside for this project. I will then travel to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia. And then come back to SA, not sure by what means as yet. Drive back, fly back? I will cross that bridge when I get there.

Divine connections
I would love to visit some of the missions in Africa. See what they are busy with and see how I can perhaps help. I have connected with four already and I have also connected with the Maasai in Ngorogoro, Tanzania.  But I would love to connect with more as I know there are plenty more. Time is on my side, so I truly want to visit with people. If anyone has connections they feel they want to connect me with, please do so.

I have started a YouTube channel called Julita Explores.  I would love it if you subscribed and follow my journey there or on Instagram or FB. There are no videos as yet of course, because I have not started my journey. But please subscribe so that you are informed the moment I upload videos. 

I have been on many adventures with God. Each one has been unique. This will be by far the longest journey, the most dangerous and the most tiring one. But the one thing I know, is that He has already gone before me and that He has given His angels charge over me. If there should be challenges along the way, the solution will also be there, because He is there already. So I am in such safe hands and so well provided for. This, like all my other journeys, is a faith journey. But I can testify that I am well provided for. When I need it, it is there. When God is your provider, you are so well taken care of in your circumstances. When people around you only have rice to eat, it does not mean that you will eat like in a five-star hotel, but I promise you, they will share their rice with you and it will be more than enough and if your heart is right, it will taste like a meal in a five-star hotel. Oh, the goodness of God. It overwhelms me. 

The thing that I am most excited about is not the miracles my eyes are sure to see. It is the people I will meet who will be transformed, but more than that, who will transform me. And within that, I will get to know more and more of the character of God, His goodness and love for people. What joy !!

As I am typing this article, I have no idea of where I will be sleeping, what I will eat or how anything will work. I have a main route more or less; I have my Hyundai i40 (still trusting for a Hilux or something suitable), I have mostly all I will need on the road (few things outstanding) and I have plenty of angels ready and waiting. So, when God says GO, I am ready to say “Yes, Lord!”, get into my car, turn the key and go!!! 

KORA!!! Because Africa knows how to praise!!

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  1. Alburt Ferreira

    I would like to get in contact with Julita Kok. We have a mission in the North of Malawi and would love to host her if she passes through here. We also have missions in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

    We are on the highway from Cape to Cairo, therefore called Kings Highway. Preparing the hearts of people on this highway to be ready when Jesus comes again.