KFC lose halaal dismissal case, faces 2nd complaint

Jabulani Cele..KFC ordered to reinstate him after firing him for taking porridge and bean curry to work.

An Empangeni woman who was not allowed to take non-halaal food to work at KFC has lodged a complaint with the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA), it was reported today.

This was the second such complaint against the fast food chain. On Friday last week, KFC lost a case of unfair dismissal against an employee who took phuthu (maize porridge) and bean curry to work at the Empangeni Village branch of KFC. Jabulani Cele, 31, was reinstated after appearing before the CCMA.  KFC franchise holders Colefax Trading and Yum Restaurants International were ordered to pay him R5200 in lost wages.

The Witness reported that the latest complainant, Sfikile Nokuthula Buthelezi was asking the CCMA to set aside final warnings she received for taking non-halaal food onto KFC premises in Maxwell Street, Empangeni.

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United Chemical Industries, Mining, Electrical, State, Health and Aligned Workers Union provincial secretary Bheki Shabane said the woman bought food from a nearby supermarket, but was prevented from taking it onto the premises of the KFC.

The matter would be heard on September 4.

The companies which own KFC follow Islamic practices. The Witness said KFC’s chief marketing officer could not reached for comment.

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  1. Frankie Simpson

    How strange! I remeber reading years ago (Readers Digest?) that the man you started KFC had been retrenched and began selling chicken pieces to make a living. He promised God (Yahweh not Allah) that he would tithe his income. God honoured him and KFC was born. As it grew he insured that all branches adhered to this promise … so, time goes on and things fall away?

  2. OK, I just wont buy KFC again.

  3. All Christians should boycott KFC – this is a Christian country not an Islamic country.

  4. Col Saunders got saved in Bob Rodgers church in Kentucky.
    But KFC was sold years ago so it is under differnt managment.