King Charles’ coronation will see millions evangelised

England’s King Charles and the Queen Consort will be coronated inside Westminster Abbey on May 6 (PHOTO: Richard Pohle/Getty/The Telegraph)

Originally published in Charisma News

Great Britain is reporting markedly lower numbers in those who actively practice Christianity, and the nation is preparing for what was once considered a holy moment ordained by God.

As faith struggles across England, evangelist Ray Comfort has asked God to bless his plan to evangelise millions at the coronation of King Charles on May 6.

There are few times in history when such a gathering takes place; it will have been 70 years since Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in June of 1953, and it is simply too ripe of a field not to harvest the souls who desperately need Jesus in their life.

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With such a gap in time between the two, many people are unaware of the spiritual significance behind the coronation itself.

“When Charles is crowned on May 6th, he’s going to reach out his hand and lay it on a Bible and swear to uphold the biblical truth of salvation by grace, through faith,” explained Comfort in an exclusive Charisma News interview.

“He’s going to be the defender of the faith. He’s going to carry an orb…it’s a golden globe with diamonds and pearly all over it. [It has] a cross on the top, and it’s symbolic of Jesus Christ’s reign over the whole earth. He’s going to hold a sceptre, as David held and as Solomon held.

“He’s going to be anointed with oil, there’s all sorts of things…and it’s going to be witnessed by literally hundreds of millions around the world,” says Comfort.

How could an evangelist pass up such an opportunity to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ at such an event?

So, Ray did what an evangelist does. He devised a way to grab the attention of millions of people and use that moment to introduce them to the Savior of humanity.

“I began thinking, ‘Boy, it’d be great to have a little tract printed with Charles on the front, and the gospel on the back.’ We could give it to people who live in the streets of London, because there’s going to be millions,” Comfort shared.

“So, I made a video. I sent it to my team, and just after I sent the video I received an email from a gentleman and he just said, ‘What are you working on?’ So, I sent him the video and he sent the ministry $200,000 (nearly R3.6 million). Yeah, it’s better than a wet fleece,” he added.

Nearly 15 million tracts have been printed and the Lord provided several other large donations to the ministry, but it takes workers to glean the fields for the harvest.

“Eighteen hundred Christians have committed to go to London and give out the tracts. Five hundred Christians from the US are flying over to London to give out the tracts as people are coming from Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Never before in the history of the world have we seen so much interest in something that is godly,” says Comfort.

“So, when we give them this, it’s going to be a pleasant looking thing. It’s going to be memorabilia. It’s something they can take home with them, and it has the Gospel on the back. So, millions are going to get this Gospel training,” Comfort continued.

In one fell swoop, God is going to use a man who took his faith and put it into action answering the Great Commission during one of the most viewed events in human history.

Seeds will be planted, hearts will be watered and lives will be dedicated to Christ in response to the Great Commission.

May Christians the world over see that inaction is not an option, for they are called to go out into the world and spread the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Events like this are excellent reminders of that

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  1. Suzette van Rooyen

    We pray that this project lead to the salvation of many people in the United Kingdom. Bless Ray Comfort for his obedience.

  2. The Lord’s Word never return void. Be Blessed. All the doors are opened.

    • Pst.Eric Ngala Mutumbi

      I am thankful to the Lord for this kind of work.I would like to be in the team that will distribute tracts,I am from Kenya,what do I do?