Kingdom companies pioneering marketplace ministry — report

Kingdom companies (companies that intentionally implement a calling from God to advance His Kingdom) play a pioneering role in the growing shift towards marketplace ministry, says the latest Call42 report.

Kingdom companies, marketplace ministries and people who regularly attend Christian business groups are surveyed in the report by the initiative which aims to mobilise Christian ministry in the marketplace.

The report notes that most of the approximately 160 Kingdom companies and marketplace ministries surveyed were established as a result of personal convictions or revelation from God without significant input from churches. It asks the question: Can and should churches help mobilise more Kingdom companies?

Challenges faced by Kingdom companies and reasons why some of these ventures fail are explored in the survey. Nearly 60 per cent of Kingdom companies surveyed said they lacked adequate training material.

Other findings include a need to raise awareness of active marketplace ministries and the practical benefits of participating in Christian business groups.

The Survey suggests a number of action steps for people interested in living out Christianity in the marketplace. It includes links to marketplace ministry resources and to an audio clip about the role of Kingdom business. The full report, as well as other reports based on an online survey of 1 300 Christians, are freely available on the Call42 wesbite.

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  1. Kindly notify if you know of businesses in the Cape Town area needing a Christian carer/counselor/pastor on call. I’m available. Blessings Hannes 0761816155