Kingdom nation-builders invited to join visionary online conference next week

Anybody who wants to see the Kingdom of God advancing in every sphere of their nation — especially in the public sector, political realm, and economic and marketplace sectors — is invited to register for next week’s “September Intensive Online” hosted by South Africa’s newly-established School of Governance.

So says Gareth Stead nation-builder at Every Nation church in Cape Town and one of the pioneer leaders of the School of Governance which has been established to raise and equip godly leaders in South Africa and other nations of Africa to be “the salt and the light” in their societies.

The online intensive — billed as “The Great Reset: Be The Change” — from Wednesday September 23 to Friday September 25 will enable delegates to hear — and engage with — respected Kingdom-minded leaders and experts on nation-building from all nine provinces of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Ghana, the United States and Australia. There will also be opportunities for delegates from SA and other African nations to network with one another.

Stead says the inaugural intensive will also serve to introduce the School of Governance which is busy building a faculty team and is embarking on a two-year journey to achieve fully-accredited Bachelors and Masters of Public Administration degree courses.

“We believe we are one-of-a-kind in that our foundation will be a biblical worldview unlike the schools of governance at other tertiary institutions which are very leftwing ideologically based.

“We believe that Scripture gives you the best values and the best ideas and we are unapologetic about that being our ethos and our philosophical foundation, But it is non-partisan and independent and it is aimed at anyone, not only people of faith, but anyone who wants to serve their nation in the public sphere,” he says.

He says the school will profile some short courses at the end of the intensive. Natalie Maimane, a member of a group of people from various walks of life who completed the school’s first course, Citizen’s Education 101, shared her testimony of the experience in an article in Gateway News last week.

“Citizens Education 101 has given me the tools to continue to serve our nation using proven principles, to look to actively engage in the destiny of South Africa using values-based policies and to encourage the Church to be more relevant than ever before,” she writes.

You can register for next week’s online intensive by clicking on this link. The opening night, which includes keynote addresses by Dennis Peacocke, a US-based author and leading strategist on applying biblical strategies to worldly challenges, and by Kingdom leadership, governance and entrepreneurship expert Kingsley Fletcher aka King Ademty 1 of Ghana.

Registration for the full conference, including main sessions and electives, costs R540 and daily registration for either the second or third day costs R300 per day.

Below is the programme for the online intensive:


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  1. These serves to participate in Kingdom Nation Builder to be hels from 23-25 September 2020.I am ready to learn more.