Kris Vallotton — Fashioned to Reign : Book review

fashioned-to-reign-by-kris-vallatonEmpowering Women to Fulfill their Divine Destiny

Book Review by Val Viljoen

This book calls for nothing less than a revolution. In it you will find many eye-opening insights into the true God-intended role of woman — to reign alongside men in the Kingdom.

Kris Vallotton takes us on a journey of understanding how Satan’s schemes have robbed both men and woman of their rightful identities, how Jesus turned the thinking of the day regarding woman upside down (chapter heading – Jesus: Founder of the First Women’s Liberation Movement) and how difficult passages in the Bible need to be re-examined in the light of their cultural and historical contexts.

He shows also how sometimes a thorough examination of the particular synonym that was chosen to express an idea in the original Greek has great bearing on actual meaning.

Vallotton stresses that men have an important role in restoring women and that this will be empowering for both genders.

The book also includes the stories of various woman who have lead as God intended: Mother Theresa, Joan of Arc, Rosa Parks (founder of the Civil Rights Movement), Joyce Meyer, Aimee Semple McPherson and others. This in itself makes for fascinating reading.

I was privileged to have heard much of the contents of this book as a sermon at Bethel Church preached by the author. It is certainly amongst the most dynamic sermons I have ever heard. The effect on the congregation was tangible. After this experience, reading the book became absolutely necessary.

If you are ready for a radical and thoroughly scriptural revelation regarding the controversial issue of the role of woman in the church (and indeed in society), then I urge you to read this book.

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