LISTEN: Prophetic dream / word for SA — Pray for right leadership for safety now, and in future

Janet Brann-Hollis of SA Back To God alerted Gateway News to a significant prophetic word for South Africa arising from a dream by Dr Irma Croucamp of Streams Ministry.

Janet, who is coordinating the Election Fasting and Prayer for SA campaign from April 18 to May 8, summarises the dream and word below. You can also scroll to the bottom of this page to hear an audio recording of Dr Irma relating her dream word:

Dr Irma dreamt that she was staying in a hotel, with a lot of prophetic people, people she knew and some not, various ethnic groups from our country.

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She said: “We all felt that the roof of the hotel was not sound and not safe, we knew that we had to get out of the building because the roof was about to collapse. We all hurried out and many of the prophetic people I know ran out of the building.

“I was specifically concerned about my granddaughter. When the roof collapsed they brought my granddaughter to me. I was so grateful she was safe, my whole family was safe, as well as the prophetic people I know.

I knew we all had to have our phones so we could communicate. They brought our phones to us, and our phones were fine.”

Dr Irma then interprets the dream as follows:

“The roof represents leadership, the fact that the bottom floor was safe and sound shows there is a foundation or a remnant that is safe and is built on a proper foundation.

“I felt that the current leadership is not safe and was not going to bring the next generation to a place of safety and the fact that the prophetic people have to have their phones means that it gives us the ability to communicate.

“I felt we have to pray, we have to declare and pray like never before, so that the right leadership will be put into government, not only for our own safety but for generations to come.”

May SA declare according to Job 22:28 — that justice and righteousness will prevail in these elections and in the government to be elected thereafter.

One Comment

  1. During last week, I dreamed that I was fishing on the coast, the Rock and Shaw fishing and I was using a rod and a spool reel. While casting out, I had an ‘overwind’ in which the nylon line got into a huge tangle which would take a while to unravel. As I woke up, I felt The Lord saying to me that the over wind and tangle is the corruption that has taken over in Government. I felt him saying to me that the entaglement will be undone and all corruption will be exposed and reelled in. All the corruption will be undone although it might take a while.