LISTEN: SA coming into reset time with God — Naomi Sheneberger

South Africa is coming into her reset time with God — the tables have turned and the oppressed will be set free and oppressors will fall at the fear of the Lord, says prophetess Naomi Scheneberger of Zambia in a word released today.

Saying the Lord this morning spoke a word of surety and steadfast endurance to SA and nations, she speaks of the enemy’s plans being confused and exposed as the Church steps into its appointed time to arise and shine in the darkness (Isaiah 60:1).

She encourages the Church to “roll up your sleeves” and prepare for action, anticipating a greater measure of grace as a remnant representing Jesus stand in unity, love and authority.

Listen to the word:

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  1. Thank you for this much needed Word of encouragement. Thank you for sharing this Word – a real Blessing to our Nation of South Africa

  2. May His word prevail in every way, Thank you