Living in a modern-day Bible parable — Lindy-Ann Hopley

The year has kicked off with more than just a bang — definitely the wildest time I have personally ever seen on the face of the earth. .

I feel like I am watching a highlights parable of different Bible stories in modern-day life — with the good, bad and the ugly — and I am right in the middle of it! And guess what — it is far from over.

And just like it was then, it is now. This is not really about politics — this is about shutting Jesus down. The anti-Christ spirit is at work, but so is the Holy Spirit. Amen! 

For those who are limited in their time to research and are bound to false media news channels. I can say without a shadow of a doubt, media is spinning a false narrative. The election was stolen, there was zero incitement of violence by President Trump on Jan 6, Antifa was behind it, police opened the barriers and called rally attendees into the Capitol, and finally — God will vindicate the situation.

Too much to take in? I explain more on my social media — go look! 
But having been right there and even featuring in many articles and even newspapers, I know how they are lying – because I was there! it is me in the picture. It does not get more real than that. I hope I can shed some light on what is really going on. 

But most exciting among the patriots – the Gospel was preached in the middle of a MAGA rally (even though mainly Christians) — we saw many patriots give their lives to Jesus! That’s what really happened on the 6th! His Kingdom came! 

Watch as Lindy-Ann Hopley preaches the gospel in the streets of Washington DC amidst millions: 

How it started :

This dream soon followed with another- I dreamed that I sat in front of President Trump at a desk and God spoke to me : “Don’t worry you are not giving up Beautiful Witness Ministries, I just want you to partner with him for a season” — Well the season is still here. 

The Bible was always relevant and so was Christ. He was out there in the “secular” arenas bringing the Kingdom. 

Revival looks like reformation. It starts with the Church. When did the Church become an uninvolved huddle in a bubble that does not impact the world, but only those visiting on a Sunday?

Even worse, when did we buy into the lie that we should not be involved in government? We cry out: “God heal our land” and He looks at Genesis — “Rule and Reign over the earth.” We need to get back into the driver’s seat of the nations. “Ask me of the nations and I will give them to you” — Psalm 2.

It is time for us to take a stand and take back dominion. 

Is it a coincidence that “Dominion” voting machines were used to set up the biggest election hoax?! How do I know? It is out there folks =- hundreds of thousands of fake ballots, machines changing the votes over from Pres Trump to Self-elect thief Biden. We can not let Pharaoh stay in office.

We need to speak up! Truth is being silenced through fakestream media, making anyone who disagrees with them seem delusional or a part of a conspiracy theory. It is all lies portrayed by the media.

BUT GOD can not be silenced. He is still speaking to those who have ears to hear. They can put up fences and they can block us on social media, but nothing stops the voice of God! Dreams are coming in from around the world of what God is doing and going to do! We are on the winning team, but the remnant must arise — not just wait: ARISE! 

Day of inauguration I was in Washington DC. It felt like watching Jesus die on the cross. For many it was a sad day, but for some, they knew how Jesus won then and will win now. I personally was excited.

Watch me on the streets in DC sharing a powerful dream someone shared with me (already more than 60 000 views):

Also ran into some paid-by-the-left-rioters who had also been in LA trying to shut down an outdoor worship event I was at. Correct — this is not about political parties, but an anti-Christ Spirit trying to stop heaven’s party! And the current White House coup group have given themselves completely to this satanist agenda. 

See here — more than 30k views already:

Some ask if I am not afraid. Not at all. How can I be threatened by going to heaven? One day I want to stand before God and know I gave it ALL — just as He withheld nothing from me.

My second last day in DC for this trip — my precious imported French perfume bottle I got from my mom as a birthday gift fell out of my bag onto the street pavement. 

I was sad, but I saw it as the woman at the feet of Jesus who poured her perfume at His feet… Even though EVERYONE criticised her, He saw and valued her sacrifice of love.

In this season don’t hold anything back; pour your oil out at the feet of Yeshua. Even if it costs you EVERYTHING. 

“For they will overcome by the blood of the lamb, and the word of their testimony and love not their lives unto death” – Bible.

In the famous words of Esther : “If I die I die” — because we know our names are written in the Lamb’s book of life! Choose Jesus.

Most importantly- speak up! Speak truth! Preach the Gospel. If we won’t- who will?

Love & Fire Lindy-Ann Hopley

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