Stomach miracle at Amish meeting — Lindy-Ann Hopley

Imagine, if you will, a conference room at the back of a pretzel restaurant packed with Amish people.

They have come to see a woman, who wears long dresses, a lot of makeup, and has big hair, preach the Gospel because they are hungry for the Word of God.

We are living in exciting times! Times in which those who some might consider the most religious would come out to see someone who might be considered the least religious out of desperation. Desperation to see the King and His Kingdom.

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God started moving among a group of people who had never before seen any type of physical manifestation of the Holy Spirit. People rushed forward to the altar to give their lives to Jesus — many in their Amish attire. Women came up in their long, simple dresses and their caps. People stood weeping encountering the King. Miracles started breaking out as God began showing me people’s needs in the room.

As I was praying for a boy, I stopped, looked up, touched my stomach, and announced: “Someone here has a sharp pain on the left side of the stomach!”

A man jumped up with tears beginning to stream down his face. “That’s me!” he said. “I’ve had 20 years of stomach pain!”

I started interviewing him and found out that he had just recently undergone a very complicated, expensive surgery for his condition — without success. 

He said: “I was sitting here in excruciating pain, and the moment you said, ‘someone with a stomach problem,’ I felt it disappear in an instant.”

I asked him how he could know if he was completely healed — other than the disappearance of the pain.

He replied: “Well, I cannot eat anything without bringing it up.”

We decided to test it.

An Amish woman jumped up and ran outside to the car to get a pretzel with a sausage inside it. She brought it to the man and gave it to him to test his stomach miracle. He took a bite of the pretzel and then took a gulp of water.

At that moment, the man’s wife began to weep. She explained that the man could not have done that before. He could not eat and then drink without throwing up.

I called him to the front so everyone could see the miracle. I told him to eat more. The man just stood up front weeping and chewing the pretzel. Both he and his wife were touched by the power of God. They were weeping in His presence — so thankful, so grateful that God is still doing miracles today.

“For [all] creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed” — Romans 8:19 (NIV). That means they’re waiting for you! Step out and share the Good News with someone today. Ask them if they need prayer for anything.

Miracles are easy since we don’t have to do them! Jesus did it all on the cross. Just believe.

Perhaps, you are reading this, and you need a miracle. I pray that as you are reading this God would touch your body right now — any infirmity and iniquity would leave your body. In the name of Jesus Christ, be healed! Amen and amen.



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