TESTIMONY: Girl with the stockings — Lindy-Ann Hopley


I have always loved fashion. I love expressing God’s extravagance through what I wear. As I was getting dressed to attend a youth conference (Young Saints at Bethel Church in Redding, CA), God told me to wear a pair of funky patterned stockings with my pencil skirt. I was a bit unsure, but I am always excited to see what the Lord has planned.

I came to the conference a little bit late, and as I rolled into the parking lot, there were goth-looking youth standing around outside the church. One girl wore a pair of ripped stockings with a black skirt, black boots, black makeup, and black hair. Both the boys and the girls were wearing black makeup. They were obviously “the rebels” who had snuck out of the youth conference.

“Okay, God, I see what you did.”

When I reached the group, the two girls had already gone back inside. So, I began to minister to the three boys. I shared my testimony and asked if they were here for the conference. They lied and said they were just at the church for the view. So, I asked where the girls had gone and was told that they had gone to use the bathroom.

As I stepped into the lobby, I saw the two girls in line at the church coffee shop. Immediately, the girl with the ripped stockings—the one who was the most goth of all the group—said: “Oh my word, I love your stockings!”

That was the key. I complimented their creative outfits and started a conversation with them.

I got to pray for them and they stood crying with their coffees in hand. I told them that God had an amazing encounter waiting for them inside and persuaded them to go back into the sanctuary rather than sneak out and sit outside.

God shifted their hearts using that one simple act of obedience (wearing the funky patterned stockings) as a key to unlock hardened hearts. I walked all of the goth group inside. I became kind of a momma bear. I had the privilege of walking two of them up to the altar to receive Christ.

All of heaven rejoices!

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  1. Thanks Lindy for being sensitive to God’s voice.
    Angels rejoice at new birth.

  2. Lindy-Ann Hopley,
    You are an inspiration and your dynamic, faithful pursuit of God is such an example. if we could emulate just a little of your zeal the church would be a bonfire.
    bless you.