Man walking 324km to Maluti Mighty Men on mission to help young addicts

Edward Pozyn, right, with Ayanda Hadebe, one of three young men he aims to help by undertaking a fundraising walk to the Maluti Mighty Men conference.

Edward Pozyn, 55, who has been walking for Jesus, since God rescued him from death in 2011, is preparing for his 7th walk-with-a-purpose — from Howick to the Maluti Mighty Men conference at Fouriesburg.

His latest walk, which he plans to start on March 23, is 324km long, and his goal is to raise funds to get three destitute young drug addicts into a rehabilitation centre — and to share the Gospel along the way.

The men he wants to help need money, ID cards, personal items like toiletries and transportation to the rehabilitation centre in Greytown, he said.

Pozyn said he plans to take one of the three men with him on his walk, which he aims to complete over 10 days — covering around 30km a day.

He said as Christians he believed that in every situation we come across we should ask: “What would Jesus do?”

“If you are not a Christian, it’s okay, you can do if for humanity — for Ubuntu” he said,

He believes that if South Africans would unite, irrespective of religion, race and gender, in fighting the ills of society, we would achieve more than we could begin to fathom.

“At all times we should keep in mind that we are fighting against the enemy (negativity) not against each other,” he said.

He is passionate about tackling the problem of substance abuse by young people and believes that everyone deserves a second chance in life.

“Christ took us out of deep muddy clay and cleansed us and gave us many fresh chances as we kept failing. Hence we have to do the same for other people. We are not to throw anyone aside but to welcome them in and love them while helping them go through the healing process.

“Let`s us unite in making South Africa and the world at large a better place for all. We can achieve this by helping one person at a time,” he said.

If you would like to support Pozyn’s upcoming walking mission in any way, you can call or message him at 062 476 8204 or email him at

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