Martin Smith — God’s Great Dance Floor: Review

godsgreatdancefloorMusic Review by Ellenor Lotter


To my great delight I start this journey with Gateway News in reviewing the brand new CD from a well-known voice in Christian Music:  Martin Smith. I first encountered this gentleman’s voice in 2007 when he was still part of the band Delirious? I attended a Conference in Johannesburg addressed by Joyce Meyer and rumors started flying about these dynamic musicians leading worship in all the sessions. 

At this point I didn’t really think their style was mine — that was until the music started of course!  However, the journey of the band came to an end when Martin felt the Lord was calling him back to his first responsibility as husband to his beautiful wife Anna and father to their six children, announcing a new season in this gifted minstrel’s life.

With all of this said, let me introduce you to the latest offering by Martin Smith, GOD’S GREAT DANCE FLOOR.  With every one of the 10 songs on this album written by Martin, including some collaborated efforts with names like Chris Tomlin and Tim Hughes, you can expect some great songs that will set your feet a dancing even if you think you have two left feet.

After recently reading his first book, ‘DELIRIOUS? My Journey with the Band, a Growing Family and an Army of History makers’, I realised that there is a whole lot of his life and his journey up to this point that is portrayed in these songs.  “Awake my soul” is a great start to this versatile album and while your senses are just getting their way around these refreshing new sounds, the familiar “Waiting here for you” leads you back to that place of worship we have come to know.

To highlight but a few, songs: “Catch every teardrop” tells the story of the day God gave him a second chance at life and “Shepherd Boy” really just warms the heart of the worshipper in me.

Oh do hurry and get your hands on this album, it is worth every cent!

Until we meet again, let the worshipper in you arise!!

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  1. Excellent review, keep up the good work!