BREAKING NEWS: National e-tv switch-off call over Naked News

South African Christians are being asked to switch off in protest against the broadcaster’s insistence on screening the “sexually degrading” Naked News programme in which news presenters strip naked.

The national switch-off call by family values activist Errol Naidoo follows an decision to go ahead with showing the programme every Friday night for the next 11 weeks after the 10pm movie despite receiving many emails complaining that the show degraded women and was harmful to children.

“Shockingly, e-tv has dismissed the many complaints they received, citing freedom of expression. However, no person or organisation has a right to demean and objectify an entire gender,” says Family Policy Institute director Naidoo in an email sent to all churches on his database. “I am also telephonically talking to senior church and denominational leaders to support the campaign,” Naidoo told Gateway News. “I will send a follow up Alert on Tuesday 10 May calling on Christians across the country to join the Switch Off and to publically condemn E-tv’s stance”

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In an email sent to Gateway News today says: “Naked News” is a late night advertiser funded magazine programme containing nudity and no sex scenes. As always, encourages parents to be actively involved with what their children are watching on television. We also believe that it gives full effect to’s right to freedom of expression.” Yesterday, publicity head Vasili Vass told Gateway News the station had received “less than a hundred” email complaints and was drafting a reply to them. He confirmed that the programme is sponsored by NakedNews.Com.

In his letter to churches today, Naidoo says: “As a free-to-air channel there are no parental controls to block out sexually explicit content on This exposes millions of vulnerable children to pornography. Evidence suggests that children are exposed to porn on which has lead to an increase in child–on-child sexual abuse in South Africa.

“e-tv has been broadcasting pornographic material on their channel for years and have contributed significantly to the social degradation and sexual exploitation of women and children in South Africa. I sent an Alert to my database on Tuesday 3 May 2011, calling on Christian citizens to write to demanding they cancel this morally reprehensible programme and to desist from broadcasting any further pornographic programmes in the interest of the dignity and safety of our women and children.

“As you are well aware, South Africa has some of the highest rates of rape, sexual abuse of women and children and family violence in the world. Pornography and the negative sexual stereotyping of women in programmes like Naked News fuels the sexual abuse of women and children and contributes to divorce, family breakdown and the general moral decay in society.

Absolved from social responsibility

“Despite the overwhelming evidence of pornography’s destructive influence on society, insists on broadcasting porn on its free-to-air channel. In their response cites ‘internationally acceptable standards’ that have nothing to do with our situation in South Africa.  As a result, has absolved itself from any social responsibility and accountability to the public and thumbs its nose at the valid concerns of Christian citizens. It is clear’s intransigence is profit driven. Pornography draws a predominately male audience which in turns draws advertising revenue.

“My 10 years of monitoring of’s modus-operandi suggests the channel may be flirting with the idea of launching a full scale porn channel. Waiting in the wings for a broadcast sponsor is the disgusting ‘Porn Star’ programme in which contestants perform live sex acts before a panel of judges. This appalling programme is currently being taped at a strip club in Johannesburg and may appear on soon.”

Harmful to children

In a media release today Africa Christian Action supports Naidoo’s view that programming has a harmful impact on children. Quoting a 2006 report in the Cape Timews newspaper, the media release says: “Shaheeda Omar, therapeutic manager at Teddy Bear Clinic in Johannesburg, has interviewed 100 child sex offenders and their mothers from across the social spectrum for her doctoral research project at Johannesburg University. In most cases she found that absent parents and ‘unmet emotional needs’ had turned television into a ‘surrogate care-giver’ with disastrous consequences. While some children claimed they had wanted to emulate love scenes in soap operas like the Bold and the Beautiful, others said they had been inspired by late night pornography on e-TV.

“While we would agree that it is primarily the responsibility of parents to make sure that children are not being exposed to such programmes, there are many households where there is no parental supervision and thus, considering the pervasiveness of television, many children are watching these films.”

In his email to churches Naidoo says: “I need your help to stop and other national public broadcasters from turning our airwaves into sewers of filth. Should they succeed the consequences will be dire for women and children.
The only option we have is to exert public pressure on’s advertising revenue. The church must stand united against this evil agenda!  I suggest that Christian citizens, leaders, churches, and organisations join a national switch off campaign of until they agree to cancel Naked News and all other pornographic programming that degrade women and harm children.

“Christian denominations and churches must publically voice their support for the mass switch off and encourage their members and associates to do the same. When the word gets out that millions of viewers are switching off from, their advertisers will flee. Public pressure always works. However, a campaign of this magnitude cannot work without your commitment and the unity of the church.”



  1. It’s rather simple, if one is offended by what one sees on television, one has the liberty to change the channel. If you don’t want to see it, don’t watch it. If you do, then watch it. As far as the children are concerned, age restrictions are there for a reason, and it is so easy for them to see porn from other sources in any case. As well as sex on other channels.

    • I totally agree with u imx!! If u dont like it, dont watch it… it has nothing to do with religion and degrading… just change the channel.

      • Melanie Britow

        What does one do if one does not want to see these images at all. Once you’ve seen it, even if just for a second, you’ve seen it. A picture paints a thousand words. I don’t even want to see an image of that nature as it taints my thoughts. I don’t want to have memories of pornography that I have to clear out of my mind. If it was not there in the first place, I would not have to eradicate it. If poepl want to watch porn or nudity, they can pay for it privately, not use taxpayers money and public free to view channels to operate. I don’t want to see these images, even if it is just for a second. The statistics of molestation and sexual abuse are horrific and many of the actual cases go unreported. I say no to nudity and porn on free to view channels. ETV has been flirting with these ideas for too long. They must be stopped!

        • Emmeline Heesen

          I totally agree with you.If people want themselves polluted by watching nudity and pornography, they can do it in private, not with the help of a public channel.

          • I also totally agree with Melanie Britow. Just imagine it to be your sweet innocent child being used! Stop this kind of programme on public channels

        • imx is right.

          If you are offended change the channel. It’s rather strange that all of these christian activists forget how their remotes work at the first sign of nudity. Then continue to watch the program to complain about it later. ( I have seen this )

          Yes a picture does paint 1000 words.

          E-TV has been showing porn for years at around midnight, a very well known fact. So what are you doing watching etv at that time?

          Your sweet and innocent child shouldn’t be watching etv at midnight either.

    • Lafras Moolman

      i See you have no concern for the moral decay taking place in our society today, maakes one think where your morals and values as a person lie? a question only you will be able to answer.

      • I Agree lafras, wonder how they would feel if the whole world were watching the naked news with their daughter as presenter….

        • Lafras Moolman

          I Agree with you on that one Fred, so far this week I’VE emailed a letter of complaint to the BCCSA IN This regard and their response were, it’s etv right to broadcast material like that after what they term as the “watershed” hour which starts just after the 22:00 movie on Friday Nights running all the way up till 05:00 the next morning that is according to etv right to “Freedom Of Expression” according to our Constitution in South africa, it’s sick I tell tou totally perverted to say the least. yesterday i emailed a simalar letter to etv it’sself, still awaiting a reply from them, today I’ll also be emailing Die Burger and the Herald wit a letter of consern. so, wish me luck cheers

    • true ignorance is bliss aai,aai,aai

      • Lafras Moolman

        no Peterpan, I TOTALLY disagree with you on that one, the time has come we we as people in South Africa cannot turn a blind eye to what’s happening in our society today we have to make a stand for what is right by making ourselves heard

    • No one really understands what porn does…. Porn is not only naked people and sex.. what if it was your daughter on that programme, stripping for the whole country? what has happend to basic moral standards? i can say that if the director of a public broadcasting channel had heard his daughter was going to star in a porn movie he would stop at nothing to stop the movie from playing. but when it comes to other mens daughters? he has no care in the world…. I asked a friend once why does she send naked pictures of herself to men, she said she likes the attention, cause her father was never there for you, she did not have that father daughter relationship…

      I say ban pronography from south africa.

      ask yourself this question: would i want my daughter leave the house naked? would I allow a strange man to see my wife naked? if you are a real man! you would say ban porn!!


    • The airing of young women naked is a blatant show of disrespect for women by the both the advertiser concerned and the broadcaster and a direct slap in the face to the viewership that has supported e-tv since its inception. As such Christians need to make a conscious decision whether they want to counted as watching a television station that goes against the grain of the basic tenets of their faith as humans were created in the image of God Himself. I agree and support Errol Naidoo and his organisation that we switch off this station and watch other stations which still have some respect for human.

    • so u say don’t bother?? just because it’s every where and easily accessible does not make it acceptable.. dont get trapped by the pressures of the world my get complacent is exactly the plan and purpose of the enemy. It is our purpose and responsibility to stop the theft, killing and destruction of our families. The battle is not against flesh and blood…May God protect you and your family as He sends His angels to encamp around you.

  2. I fully endorse what Errol Naidoo is saying & doing & commend him on his tireless & excellent efforts to hold the government, the media etc accountable, the way he does.
    Well done Errol!!!

  3. There is a “deathly” silence in the air. This protest is not a one man effort!!Where is the public comment from the heads of all denominations and other church groupings? Shame on you
    all!!Lets start a massive campaign against E TV and target all their advertisers.

    • Lafras Moolman

      amen brother, I agree with u 100%

    • Wise words!! ask woolies what an impact Christians can make

    • I agree….!!!Where are the church leaders and people in government that are christians on this.They should be standing up with us on this one.I for one won’t be supporting e-tv anymore.I have been concerned about the increase of pornographic images and just have myself been given an awaking on this.We shouldn’t support them at all.National Switch-off here we come.

  4. Comments from the Churches will most probably go directly to eTV, where it matters, rather than a chat column where council without wisdom, is often dished out as truth. Thank you Errol for what you are doing at FPI, From Andre du Plessis, a Christian Latter day Saint from Cape Town. STILL STANDING TOO

  5. shame on Etv. If adults want porn let them buy dvds not to use free access tv. Seems like etv doesn’t care about the future generation of RSA

  6. There is no doubt that E’s exposing the public to the disgusting sight of God’s creation is responsible for corrective rape, homophobia, Islamophobia, 9/11, porn on the internet and Julius Malema. Come on, “christians”… even Jesus wasn’t that anal.

  7. I call on all true christians to immediately remove their adsl/3G connections as it has come to my attention that REAL porn is available on the internet.

    • Lafras Moolman

      YOU GO A

    • There are ways of blocking porn on the internet. I don’t think that I should have to restrict my viewing on TV. I am up most nights until 4am and I can’t even watch this channel because of its content.

  8. @alan – the thing is, the internet is not utilizing a scarce resource which belongs to all south africans, in order to provide a service to the people of this country – eTV is licensed & as a broadcaster has a responsibility – their actions insult not only christians, but any self-respecting south african who values human dignity – porn will always be available, but free-to-air television is not the place.

    • @Theunis: And that is the point: it belongs to ALL South Africans, Christians and Heathens alike, so perhaps E should conduct a poll to ascertain public opinion? And yes, parents need to parent more actively and not depend on the schools and government to be the parents. I wonder how many parents have any idea what their kids are doing on the social networks and what sites they visit.

    • Lafras Moolman

      AMEN Theunis Die hele besigheid is siek verby as jy my vra. Vraag is: waar is ETV se sin van verantwoordelikheid as ‘n nasionale uitsaaier?

  9. disgusting, etv sucks ! prob controlled by the illuminati, could they be in SA as well ??…Etv is def responsible for rape and sexual crimes, etv is a satanic channel!

    • Wow ric… you & Gregory should get together and arrange a Jihad!!! Or… perhaps try the power of love rather than condemning everyone who disagrees with you?

  10. The thing is God holds us responsible for the state of our nation. We are not salt and light for nothing. Every action counts. Me and my family are no longer watching E-TV. Big up Errol

  11. I haven’t seen the programme, so can’t comment on the content. But I have a question: Are the objecting Christians also objecting vehemently to all the violence shown in the news, TV movies and TV crime programmes?

    Also, do they find the human body, created by God, as something offensive>

    Just curious.

  12. Christians represent a certain Class. Christians may then be able to raise their concerns through a Class Action via the Public Protector. Just thinking.
    TV news was never naked before, why should it now be presented with naked female news readers? It being not in the Public interest in view of SA’s excessive rape stats and horrendous increase on sexual attacks on woman and children. Further it distorts and debases family values, respect and unity at home and within society. Where is the voice of the South African Council of Churhes now???
    It begs the question. Sexual abuse and Drug abuse go hand in hand ~ We the People must catch a wake up!
    Its about morality, respect and honour. If you respect and honour your Mother and Father as the Bible Commandments instructs you to do, then you will obey G_g’s Word in truth, with Love and a Good heart.
    G_d shall Not Be Mocked.
    G_d’s wrath is near.


  13. Society is constantly evolving, it is not stagnant, thank God. Sexual abuse = Drug Abuse??? Huh??? I will not condemn you if you don’t believe and think like me nor will I call you misguided if you don’t believe in reincarnation. Will you show me the same respect and love?

  14. Oh BTW – rape is about domination, not sexual gratification. Otherwise, in places where nudity is more common (like all of Europe), you’d have lust-crazed mobs dashing around raping everything and everyone in sight (and probably each other too)-the mind boggles! That’s the same sick mentality that says that sexily dressed ladies are asking to be raped!

  15. Lafras Moolman

    As Christians we should refuse to watch free to air station such as e TV. If we as a Christian Community in South Africa do not takr a stand for what we believe in no one else will. We are called to be salt and light on this earth. and if we don’t what good is our testimony as Christians we have to start standing up for our marals and values in life and stop being passive and silent

    • Agree! People should stand up for what they claim to support – not stand around bleating about how awful things are. “Be the change you want to see”. And not just christians – everyone!

    • @Lafra: Salt? I don’t get it?

  16. I am a young woman, we are normal people just like most of South Africa, we are not one of these blind crazy Christians that is Naive to what life is about.

    However, I do not agree with porn (or sexually explicit content the y way etv shows it and has for the past so many years) on national TV, it opens up too many problems and in general brings about degeneration as a society.

    Google the affects of porn on children, on woman, on the pron starts (men and woman alike), on the person watching porn and tell me its ok to enable the viewing of porn freely the way etv does.

    If you want to watch porn, you welcome to go to an adult shop and rent a movie, but not on freely on national tv!!!

    Anyway – we have decided to take this fight to the next level. We ask for you to join us. We have set up a Facebook page (STOP ETV PORN), a viral email and a website

    On the website is a link to the petition to ETV and if you are able to join the Facebook page we will be keeping you informed as we take steps to boycott not only ETV but their advertises too!

  17. I support the call to boycott E TV

  18. Jim Strickland

    I stumbled over this program, foud it offensive and switched it off immediately.
    The program is sexually explicit, exploitative and degrades women. Children should not be permitted to view this pornography. E-TV must be persuaded to discontine broadcasrting this program and all other similar programs.
    My wife and I have commenced our boycott of E-TV

  19. I have just sent off my email of disgust to E-TV (Please write to E-tv at briefly advising him about your decision to boycott the channel until they cancel Naked News and other pornographic content). I am boycotting them until they get rid of the filth that they are subjecting us to, and I will continue to boycott them until they write up a policy to prevent them from airing degrading and disgusting programmes. Don’t just boycott them, make sure that E-TV and everyone you know knows why you are boycotting them. Let your voice be heard.

  20. Pearl Barendse

    We have spoken to many people who were addicted to pornography and are well aware of the impact it can have on their personal lives, their marriages and their children. It is truly destructive and filters down to society and has the ability to destroy generations. SO STOP!

  21. they should cut out etv….hulle moet soma vir etv uitcut…

  22. No E-TV for me or my Family, ever! Boycott of E-TV is ON!

  23. I totally disagree with the above respondents, due to the fact that this is degrading. it is very disturbing and not ethical for our kids to watch. For those that have children what are you teaching your kids to became? This is about morals, principals and values at the end of the day. So I am against them broadcasting the degrading programme on E-TV. I am a mother of a 7 year old. This is not what I want him to learn at the end of the day. He needs fill his mind with good morals and have a fim standing with God.

    Tracy Naidoo

  24. Hubby and I, boycotted this program already. its disgusting.

  25. We are also boycotting E-Tv and SABC for that matter! Well done Errol Naidoo and thanks for your courage.

  26. We too are boycotting E-tv and SABC.

  27. I think no more need be said – we agree to boycott the entire e-tv channel. Will be emailing all my contacts to do same.

  28. Truth Choice Ministries

    We totally support this endeavour and commit ourselves to eradicating the filth of pornography from our homes and shops.

    • Ps Errol,you are doing a stunning job.God is the rewarder of those who seek him diligently.ETV’s programmes are very disgusting most of the times.

  29. Pornography has absolutely no good side about it. Can only cause harm!!!

  30. What century are you living in?
    If you have a finger and you don’t like the programme,switch off.
    Not everybody is as narrow minded as you. A nude body can be beautiful. I suppose you’re offended by David and would like to put a suit on the statue.
    Live and let live. We all come into the world nude.

    • It has nothing to do with simply being offended. My heart is that everyone would trust in Jesus eternally, not just thrive temporarily on pleasures of the flesh. That was the mission of Christ, and it is now the mission of his Church. I barely mind being offended, I care much more about people turning their hearts to Jesus.

    • Lafras Moolman

      agreed, but not in the sick way Etv portrays it

  31. I agree with all comments regarding the effects of porn in violence against women and children and breakup of marriages. From whAt I understand, the program itself may not be sexually explicit, but the adverts in-between are (source-blogs and comments by viewers). Also, my husband pointed out that DSTV show full on porn on Mnet Action channel late at night. Yes, viewers are limited due to subscription, but still. My favorite program is The Good Wife. This past week I had to make a difficult decision not to watch it any longer as the main character said: I believe Jesus is a man who lived 2000 years ago who has nothing at all to do with me”

  32. Christians have decisions to make every day about programs we watch or allow our children to watch eg. Bakugan which actually have the names of demons as names of characters). This issue has to do with more than Christian values though, it has to do with moral degradation and providing free to air nudity to people who are not “discerong

  33. Sorry, discerning viewers

  34. I have previously complained about Etv Porn and got the same brush off, I accidentally turned to their channel after 10 one evening only to be accosted by visuals I would not and did not want to see. And yes these images do imprint on your mind, it is no wonder pornography becomes an addiction – thats what happens when you expose yourself to things that are bad for you. My family will be joining the ‘switch off’ call – no more Etv!

  35. Yes,we all came into this world nude. Don’t want to think what it would be like if we were all walking around nude. We all have a right to comment, so do Christians have the right. YES NO MORE ETV. Many say they don’t mind, but remember with GOD nothing is impossible. So All Christians stand firm.

  36. Ignorance is the cancer of a Society and so is low moral values!!! Shame on those that think that just by not switching into the chanel is the solution!
    Ignorance, ignorance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I feel sorry for those people. They just think about their pleasure and not in the new genaration. Due to people like that the world is rotten.

  37. If people would realize that every action causes reaction also in the Spirit world, as wel as in the Hereafter, they will never stoop so low. We support this switch off action and hope more serious steps could be taken to link tv programmes to serious crimes. Many so called entertainment programmes are degrading to human values to say the least. Let sinners pay for sinfilled programmes, but at least be decent and broadcast real entertainment.The e-tv add for moral values is not worth even responding to, they don’t even know what the words they quote mean.

  38. will be switching off for sure

  39. Joey du Buisson

    Its easy for me to switch off ETV. Its shocking. Thank You for taking a stand against this. No one should be exposed to this willingly or not

  40. I`m so glad for what you guys are doing.Please keep the Pressure on ETV.I also feel that each one of us should spread the word in our spheres of influence eg at work or we should talk to our kids school principal`s and discuss the harmful programs and adverts(sms subscription to porn etc).they could ask parents to protect there kids and boycot/switch off etv till they remove all pornographic and harmful programs. I will definitely see in which way I can spread the word.Please everyone lets arise and not stop until the enemy backs off.We have to take a righteous stand!

  41. Yes, pornographic material should not exist, much less be shown to the public – Firstly because it robs everyone involved from a relationship with the Lord Jesus, the only One Who can give lasting satisfaction; Secondly, because it causes people to stumble, and according to Jesus Himself, “And whosoever shall offend -trip up- one of these little ones that believe in me it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and he were cast into the sea.”