MeCAHT ignited a blazing fire against human trafficking

 Diana Kang, Anne Abok, Clem Ugwunwa, Adriel Morgan, and
Delegates at the Media Campaign Against Human Trafficking (MeCAHT) passionately connected in their quest to partner with God and each other to see human trafficking abolished.

[notice]Madeline Roquemore reflects on the impact of The Media Campaign Against Human Trafficking (MeCAHT), an international Christian conference held in Cape Town last week to unite people in the war against human trafficking.[/notice]

The Media Campaign Against Human Trafficking (MeCAHT) Conference was not just a gathering of people to share stories, teachings, and media, but it ignited a fire against human trafficking, as people passionately gathered and connected under one common call: to see the heart of God established as injustice is abolished.

The fight against human trafficking is not an easy one to endure. There is heartbreak. There is tragedy. There are things seen that can never be unseen, no matter what angle of ministry one works in. It is a dark place to stand.

Anne Abok, Andreas Kallauch
(Foreground) Andreas Kallauch and Anne Abok worshipping God at the conference.

The MeCAHT Conference did more than just inspire people to continue standing in that challenging place; it burned with the victory of Christ and birthed a flame that is setting this world ablaze. In such a dark issue, that light holds incredible significance. As each individual ministry or person displayed, God has already been at work to bring light to the darkness of this specific injustice. God had previously laid the foundation, but now it was time for the body of Christ to come together and get to work, together. It was time for God to increase vision and establish relationships to further and finish what had already been started.

The conference consisted of a variety of people from a variety of ministries and work forces. There were young and old from all aspects of ministry, from awareness and prevention, to prosecution of traffickers, to healing the hurt, etc. Each ministry and each individual carried a new perspective and a new take on the issue of human trafficking. As the week went on and everyone shared testimonies and insights, the fire that God had previously lit began to grow. People spoke up, discussions broke out, comfort zones shattered as people stepped out on treasure (prostitution) outreach, and the flames burned brighter and brighter. Contacts were shared and revelation flooded the room.

STOP teaching a TraffickProof Seminar
STOP (Stop Trafficking of People) teaching a TraffickProof Seminar.

God is doing something huge through His children against injustice: that has been a fact for years. During the conference, He released the trick to a blazing fire. That trick, is the body of Christ working together in unity. When all parts come together, there is nothing that can stand in the way. People plant courage in one another through the love that comes with a unified body; the power in that unity was tangibly set on display during the MeCAHT conference, and world-changing hope was securely birthed from that. For Christ in us, is greater than he who is in the world. So together, a stand was taken, in light of a burning fire, against all odds and against injustice. After a week at the MeCAHT Conference, it is near impossible to deny that change is upon these nations, and human trafficking will one day confidently be called something of the past.


  1. Congrats on a job well done, MeCAHT! The conference was awesome!
    STOP is proud to have been involved.