Media Village documents historic global prayer day in Indonesia

120 000 people join together in prayer at the World Prayer Assembly in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Cape Town Christian production company Media Village production has completed a documentary about the World Prayer Assembly in Indonesia in May — a gathering that has been called the broadest prayer assembly in history, bringing together children, youth and adults from 86 nations across hundreds of denominations.

At the event in Jakarts, Media Village shared a documentary which it made earlier this year, about prayer and reconciliation in Burundi, led by the president, Pierre Nkurunziza. A highlight of the Indonesia gathering was on May 17 when up to 9 million people in Indonesia joined for hours of united prayer: there were 120 000 people in Jakarta Stadium and about 373 other stadium gatherings in Indonesia.  The event was broadcast live in 258 cities across Indonesia.

Media Village Productions is also working on finalising the dubbing of a series of short films into Zulu. They were produced in KwaZulu – Natal in June. The ‘God Provides’ series tells age-old bible stories in the form of high quality, entertaining short films. They have been distributed globally in various languages and will be distributed locally by Crown Financial Ministries.  

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A Media Village television series proposal submitted to the SABC was short-listed for the next stage in commissioning and on June 18 Debbie Mathee and her team pitched the idea to commissioning editors at the head office in Johannesburg. Culture-Swap is a 13-episode docu-reality series that challenges contestants to answer the question “How South African are you?”.

On the training side of Media Village, 34 students from 10 nations around the world have joined together for the new semester in video production and photography training.

Graham and Diane Vermooten, founders of Media Village, are leaving to speak at the Jesus Festival in Sweden. They will also have discussions on starting an associate training school in Sweden.

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