Men and women invited to join exciting prayer journey

kmmc prayer tent
Intercessors praying at the 2015 Karoo Mighty Men Conference. (PHOTO: Rob Southey).
KMMC 40 ‘Days of Prayer’ to end with ‘National Day of Prayer and Fasting for Freedom’ on April 27

One of the most exciting developments of the Karoo Mighty Men Conference 2016 (KMMC 2016) includes women as important partners.

It is a call to prayer – to intercede on behalf of the conference, the family, the church, and the nation, and an invitation to “Rediscover the Power of Prayer” with Peter Greig and Dave Roberts, authors of Red Moon Rising.
Greig is one of the founders of the latest 24-7 worldwide prayer movement.

Putting out into deep water
“It is with great excitement that we enter into preparation for KMMC 2016. God has challenged us according to Luke 5:4 ‘Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch’,” says Dave Turner, one of the local organisers of the KMMC who coordinates prayer and intercession for the conference.

“We are stepping out into deep water in a number of areas and are expectant that God is going to move mightily and do something of national significance through KMMC 2016.

“This year we would like to increase our prayer and intercession team from the approximately 400 of last year to more than a thousand.”

Turner encourages all interested in joining the intercessor team to also prayerfully consider who else they could invite to join the team.

kmmc prayer ethos
Prayer lays the spiritual foundation for the KMMC, says prayer coordinator, Dave Turner. (PHOTO: Rob Southey).

He emphasises that being a member of the prayer and intercession team is all about being part of the preparation and groundwork that lays the foundation for what happens at KMMC 2016.

The foundation of prayer and intercession is vital, because the greater the spiritual foundation laid the more the Lord will build on it. Without a strong foundation the superstructure of the conference would be weak.

“We encourage people to join the prayer and intercession team and not only help to lay the foundation for this mighty move of God, but also experience personal spiritual growth.”

Turner notes that many current members of the KMMC intercessor team are women, so more women intercessors are more than welcome.

Intercession training
The actions planned for the intercession team this year includes intercession training, which consists of two aspects, both of which are linked to Pete Greig.

Firstly, working through the book, Red Moon Rising, one-chapter-a-day, starting on March 1.

Red Moon Rising authors, Greig and Roberts, report that theologian Karl Barth said, “to clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world”.

They say prayer is a call for “the Kingdom of God to come on earth” and “the power of crying out to the Lord of lords for regime change”.

“Christians are called to welcome Christ into every ‘square inch of the whole domain of our human existence’. This means that whenever we see the tyranny of enemy occupation at work in our own lives we try to pray for Christ’s Kingdom to come instead.

kmmc prayer clouds
Joining the prayer team lays a foundation for a mighty move of God — and leads to personal spiritual growth.

“Wherever we see oppression, among the poor, in our educational systems, in government or even the church, we use our free wills to say definitely, ‘Not my will, but your will be done’.

“When we pray in this way, it’s like those urgent messages tapped out in code by resistance fighters far behind enemy lines in the Second World War. Our prayers light-up landing strips for the invading forces of heaven. And when we come together to do this in sufficient numbers, we can move from small scale guerrilla warfare to publicly defying tanks and guns and governments with our prayers for liberation,” write Greig and Roberts.

“And why do we need such an army anyway, when churches abound? What is the urgency that compels us,” ask the authors?

As an answer to their own question they say we need an army to arise because the poor and the oppressed are crying out to God for urgent intervention and a ray of hope.

“Though I call for help”, they say, “there is no justice,” (Job19:7) add Greig and Roberts.

Inspirational book
Turner says Red Moon Rising is a truly inspirational book that will change your prayer life forever.

Although the hard-copy of the book is quite expensive, it is available at a local online store as a downloadable eBook for only R38.

The second aspect of KMMC intercession training is an Online Prayer Course by Pete Greig, which is a free video course that includes six sessions with summary notes and questions, which will be completed between March 7 and 18 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

The prayer training builds up to KMMC 2016’s 40 Days of Prayer, which extends from Saturday, March 18 until Wednesday 27th April (Freedom Day).

This year the 40 Days of Prayer will include two aspects:

  • A Daily Devotional that will go out with prayer updates and a message relating to the “National Day of Prayer and Fasting for Freedom” (see below).
  • Prayer Groups – KMMC is encouraging people to set up prayer groups of two or more to pray at specific times, daily or weekly during the 40 Day period. These prayer meetings can be live in person, via Whatsapp, or via Zello. Last year the Whatsapp groups proved very popular, but this year KMMC is encouraging people to form Zello groups where real-time live audio prayer meetings can occur from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection.

This year the 40 Days of Prayer will be linked to a “National Day of Prayer and Fasting for Freedom” on Wednesday, April 27, which is the Freedom Day public holiday. KMMC are partnering with a variety of Christian and media organisations to call for the “National Day of Prayer & Fasting for Freedom”, just two days before the start of KMMC 2016.

A number of actions are envisaged on the day, but there will be a 40 Day build up to it that coincides with the KMMC 40 Days of Prayer. Forty influential Christian ‘generals’ from all over South Africa will write 40 Devotional messages that will go out daily (with the prayer updates) via email.

Turner says during KMMC 2016, an hour before each of the four KMMC 2016 Sessions start, a 40 minute time of intercession will be held in the Big White Tent next to the stage.

“There will be room enough for thousands to come into a Holy Spirit filled atmosphere to kneel and pray before a living God and to intercede on behalf of family, friends and colleagues that God will bring dramatic transformation into all our lives.”

Turner says becoming part of the exciting transformation adventure as part of the Intercession Team is very simple – send an email with “Intercession Team” to , or SMS/Whatsapp it to 082 857 7839.
For more information contact Ruthi van der Merwe at 082 857 7839, or visit the KMMC website:


  1. This is absolutely wonderful and a Mighty Step forward for our Karoo Mighty Men’s Conference!Praise God

  2. This is a great initiative especially for the day because I read somewhere that this day is also celebrated at pagan day and pagans unite to celebrate their paganism. Rater lets pray that the knowledge of God covers our land asthewaterscoverthesea